Update: 13.07.2018

In a handful of fertile soil, there are more individual organisms than the total number of human beings that have ever existed.

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PhD position in Physical Geography / Plant & Soil Ecology including field work in Tropical Africa

TROPSOC / Institute of Geography / Augsburg University

Overview: The Institute of Geography (http://www.geo.uni-augsburg.de) at Augsburg University invites applications for an excellent PhD candidate for a three-year position working on the tropical carbon cycle with field sites and experiments in Eastern Africa (DRC, Uganda, Rwanda). We seek a candidate who uses quantitative and qualitative field and laboratory methods to study interactions between life and geologic, geochemical or hydrological processes. The PhD position is based in DFG research group “TROPSOC” (http://gepris.dfg.de/gepris/projekt/387472333) and will be collaborating with several other groups in and outside Germany in the framework of TROPSOC.

Project: The response of soils to disturbance by erosion is one of the great uncertainties in predicting greenhouse gas fluxes from soils to the atmosphere and hence future earth system dynamics. Tropical Africa is a hotspot of land use change and is expected to experience important changes to both soil biogeochemical cycling and ecosystem level carbon C fluxes between soil, plants and the atmosphere in this century. In particular, it is unclear how nutrient fluxes and C allocation between soils, plants and the atmosphere will evolve and differ in tropical systems in relation to the controlling factors: mineralogy, topography and vegetation.

The main objective of the proposed project is to develop a mechanistic understanding of C allocation and release in plant/soil systems of Tropical Africa, studied in the eastern part of the Congo Basin. This region provides a unique combination of (i) geologically diverse parent material for soil formation and (ii) different levels of disturbance by human activity, taking place under a humid, tropical climate regime, where pristine forests are converted into agricultural land at high rates.

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PhD position in Physical Geography / Plant & Soil Ecology including field work in Tropical Africa

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