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It can take more than 1000 years to form a centimeter of topsoil.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

Working groups symposium

Working Groups 1.1

Link Diversity and classification problems of sandy soils in subboreal zone (Central Europe, Poland) Michal Jankowski, pp. 1-4.
Link Finding a way through the maze � WRB classification with descriptive soil data Einar Eberhardt, Istvan Waltner, pp. 5-8.
Link Guidelines for constructing small-scale map legends using the World Reference Base for Soil Resources Otto Spaargaren, Peter Schad, Erika Micheli, Arwyn Jones, pp. 9-12.
Link On the origin of Planosols - the process of ferrolysis revisited Eric Van Ranst, Alemayehu Regassa Tolossa, Mathijs Dumon, Jean-Thomas Cornlis, Jozef Deckers, pp. 13-16.
Link Orphans in soil classification: Musing on Palaeosols in the World Reference Base system Karen Maria Lennert Vancampenhout, Jozef Deckers, pp. 17-20.
Link Pedometrics applications for correlation of Hungarian soil types with WRB Vince Lang, Marta Fuchs, Istvan Waltner, Erika Micheli, pp. 21-24.
Link The Classification of Leptosols in the World Reference Base of Soil Resources Freddy Nachtergaele, pp. 25-27.
Link The World Reference Base for Soils (WRB) and Soil Taxonomy: an initial appraisal of their application to the soils of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales David Morand, pp. 28-31.
Link A short guide to the soils of South Africa, their distribution and correlation with World Reference Base soil groups Martin V. Fey, pp. 32-35.


Working Group 1.2 Architecture of soil structural diversity

Link A Hydrological classification of UK soils based on soil morphological data Allan Lilly, pp. 1-4.
Link A method to increasing a vertical resolution of soil moisture measurements by TDR Trime FM3 tube sensor probe Anatoly Zeiliguer, Olga Ermolaeva, pp. 5-8.
Link Acid sulfate soil depositional environments of the Barron River delta, North Queensland Jeremy Manders, pp. 9-12.
Link Applying hydropedological principles to analyse soil moisture variability at a field scale Nikki Baggaley, Thomas Mayr, Pat Bellamy, pp. 13-15.
Link Architecture of Soil Structural Diversity: From the Micro to the Landscape Scale Hans-Joerg Vogel, pp. 16-17.
Link Characterization of soil structure and water infiltration spatial variability using electrical resistivity tomography at decimetre scale. A study of two contrasted soil tillage modalities Didier Michot, Vincent Hallaire, Simon Besnard, Gaetane Chirie, Yannick Besnard, Gilles Dutin, pp. 18-20.
Link Characterization of the hydraulic property of the plow sole under double-cropped paddy fields in southern Japan Keiko Nakano, Hideo Kubotera, Yoshitaka Hara, pp. 21-24.
Link Compilation of a 3D soil physical database for the unsaturated zone Zsofia Bakacsi, Laszlo Pasztor and Jozsef Szabo, pp. 25-28.
Link Deposit structure, water mineralization and groundwater recharge of a rubber-tree planted watershed in Northeast Thailand Jean-Pierre Montoroi, Olivier Grunberger, Onjamala Elarimisa, Jean-Luc Michelot, Wanpen Wiriyakitnateekul, pp. 29-32.
Link Effect of soil management on pore geometry and the implications for fungal invasion and interactions Alexandra Kravchenko, Ruth Falconer, Dmitri Grinev, Wilfred Otten, pp. 33-36.
Link Elucidating soil structural associations of organic material with nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry (NanoSIMS) Ingrid Kogel-Knabner, Katja Heister, Carsten W. Mueller, Francois Hillion, pp. 37-40.
Link Estimating soil water retention in soil aggregates using an 'additivity' model for combining structural and textural pore spaces Anatoly Zeiliger, Reinder Feddes, Olga Ermolaeva, pp. 41-44.
Link Estimating soil water retention of soil aggregate samples using the 'additivity' model for combination of intra- and into-aggregate pore spaces Anatoly Zeiliguer, Olga Ermolaeva, pp. 45-48.
Link Functional characterization of soil structure field descriptions Johan Bouma, pp. 49-51.
Link Improved hydropedological identification of soil salinity types in upland South Australia using seasonal trends in soil electrical conductivity Mark Thomas, Rob Fitzpatrick, Graham Heinson, pp. 52-55.
Link In-Field Visualisation Of Water Infiltration And Soluble Salt Transport. Andrei RozanovA, Willem de Clercq, pp. 56-59.
Link Integrating physical and chemical techniques to characterise soil micro-sites Wilfred Otten, Dmitri Grinev, Philippe Baveye, Zi Wang, Simona Hapca, Clare Wilson, pp. 60-63.
Link Linking Principles of Soil Formation and Flow Regimes Henry Lin, pp. 64-67.
Link Resilience of soil to biological invasion: analysis of spread on networks Wilfred Otten, Dmitri Grinev, Francisco Perez-Reche, Franco Neri, Luciano da Costa, Marcel Biana, Chris Gilligan, Sergei Taraskin, pp. 68-71.
Link Soil pore architecture and irrigation practices in vineyards: evaluation by X-ray micro-tomography Giacomo Mele, Marcella Matrecano, Jose Morabito, Santa Salatino, pp. 72-75.
Link The Gas-diffusivity-based Buckingham Tortuosity Factor from pF 1 to 6.91 as a Soil Structure Fingerprint Chamindu Deepagoda, Per Moldrup, Seiko Yoshikawa, Ken Kawamoto, Toshiko Komatsu, Dennis E. Rolston, pp. 76-79.
Link The Through Porosity of Soils as the Control of Hydraulic Conductivity Andrey Guber, Markus Tuller, Fernando San Jose Martinez, Pavel Iassonov, Miguel Angel Martin, pp. 80-83.


Working Group 1.3 Digital soil assessment

Link A conceptual framework for a Victorian soil-landscape inference system Nathan Robinson, Steve Williams, Richard MacEwan, pp. 1-4.
Link A hybrid soil mapping approach using SOTER, SoLIM and Classification trees Ulrich Schuler, Petra Erbe, Karl Stahr, Ludger Herrmann, pp. 5-8.
Link Assessment of Digital Soil Mapping products: independent ground-truthing is essential Elisabeth Bui, pp. 9-12.
Link Digital mapping of soil carbon Budiman Minansy, Alex. B. McBratney, Brendan Malone, Yiyi Sulaeman, pp. 13-16.
Link Digital mapping of soil waterlogging as a support to wetland delineation at regional scale: learning strategies and accuracy assessment Christian Walter, Blandine Lemercier, Marine Lacoste, pp. 17-19.
Link Disaggregation of landform components within land systems of the Victorian Mallee using a Digital Elevation Model Jonathan Hopley, Nathan Robinson, pp. 20-23.
Link Generalized linear models and multivariate analysis applied to predict soil spatial distribution in south Brazil Ricardo Dalmolin, Alexandre ten caten, Fabr�cio Pedron, pp. 24-27.
Link Implementation of a new algorithm for Clapas in R language in order to improve efficiency of soil survey Sebastien Lehmann, Olivier Vitry, Dominique Arrouays, pp. 28-31.
Link Local Regression Kriging Approach For Analysing High Density Data Wei Sun, Budiman Minasny, Alex McBratney, pp. 32-34.
Link Methods for updating the drainage class map in Flanders, Belgium Johan Van De Wauw, Peter Finke, pp. 35-37.
Link Predictive soil mapping as a means to aggregate and improve existing soil databases using classification trees and knowledge integration Jan Willer, Rainer Baritz, Einar Eberhardt, Reinhold Jahn, pp. 38-41.
Link Quantifying the uncertainty in digital soil class maps developed using model-based approaches Michael Nelson, Inakwu Odeh, Thomas Bishop, Neville Weber, pp. 42-45.
Link Soil suitability and crop versatility assessment using fuzzy analysis at a farm scale Inakwu O.A. Odeh, Mark Crawford, pp. 46-49.
Link Spatial frameworks to support digital soil mapping in Victoria David Rees, Nathan Robinson, Mark Imhof, Bernie Joyce, Richard MacEwan, pp. 50-53.
Link Synthesis of Knowledge on Soil Carbon Spatial Patterns across a Large Subtropical Soil-Landscape in Southern U.S. Sabine Grunwald, Gustavo M. Vasques, pp. 54-57.
Link Uncertainty assessment of mapping soil DDT spatial distribution using multiple indicator kriging Yong-Cun Zhao, pp. 58-61.
Link What is the spatial representation of digital soil maps? An issue of the spatial entity. Brendan Malone, Alex McBratney, Budiman Minasny, pp. 62-65.


Working Group 1.4 Cold Soil in a Changing World

Link A provisional method for assessing the impact on, and recovery of, Antarctic Desert Pavements from human-induced disturbances Tanya O'Neill, Megan Balks, pp. 1-4.
Link Carbon sequestration dynamics and climate change in Subarctic and Low Arctic Organic Cryosols in Canada Charles Tarnocai, pp. 5-8.
Link Controlling factors of soil nitrogen and carbon contents across the Tibetan Plateau: soil formation, permafrost, and soil moisture Frank Baumann, Jin-Sheng He, Karsten Schmidt, Peter Kuhn, Thomas Scholten, pp. 9-12.
Link Correlation between atmospheric physical factors and soil temperature of Keller Peninsula, King George Island, Antarctica Samara Salamene, Marcio Rocha Francelino, Rogerio Mercandelle Santana, Carlos Ernesto Schaefer, Alberto Waingort Setzer, pp. 13-15.
Link Cryosols as a Test of Our Knowledge of Earth as a System: Review James Bockheim, pp. 16-19.
Link Decreasing soil-frost depth and its influence on the snowmelt infiltration in Tokachi, Hokkaido, Japan Yukiyoshi Iwata, Tomoyoshi Hirota, Masaki Hayashi, Shinji Suzuki, Shuichi Hasegawa, pp. 20-23.
Link Isotopic evidence for the provenance and turnover of organic carbon by soil microorganisms in the Antarctic dry valleys D.W. Hopkins, A.D. Sparrow, E.G. Gregorich, B. Elberling, P. Novis, L.G. Greenfield, pp. 24-27.
Link Monitoring the active layer in Maritime and Peninsular Antarctica Carlos Ernesto G. R. Schaefer, Felipe N. B. Simas, Rogerio M. Santana, Ivan Carreiro Almeida, Everton Poelking, Roberto F. M. Michel, Marcio Rocha Francelino, pp. 28-31.
Link Soils of Mid and Low Antarctic: Diversity, Geography, Temperature Regimes David Gilichinsky, Eugeny Abakumov, Andrey Abramov, Dmitri Fyodorov-Davydov, Sergey Goryachkin, Aleksei Lupachev, Nikita Mergelov, Elya Zazovskaya, pp. 32-35.
Link Spatial and temporal variability of soil C-CO2 emissions and its relation with soil temperature in King George Island, Maritime Antarctica Newton La Scala Jr, Felipe N B. Simas, Eduardo de Sa Mendonca, Juliana V Souza, Alan R Panosso, Carlos Ernesto G R. Schaefer, pp. 36-39.


Working Group 1.5 Soil sense: rapid soil measurements

Link Airborne and ground-based spectral surveys map surface minerals and chemistries near Duchess, Queensland Mal Jones, Tom Cudahy, Matilda Thomas, Rob Hewson, pp. 1-4.
Link An assessment of diffuse reflectance mid-infrared spectroscopy for measuring soil carbon, nitrogen and microbial biomass Dinesh Babu Madhavan, Daniel Mendham, Pauline Mele, Sabine Kasel, Matt Kitching, Christopher Weston,Thomas Baker, pp. 5-8.
Link An automated system for rapid in-field soil nutrient testing Craig Lobsey, Raphael Viscarra Rossel, Alex McBratney, pp. 9-12.
Link An infrared spectroscopic test for total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) contamination in soils Sean Forrester, Les Janik, Mike McLaughlin, pp. 13-16.
Link Application of LS-SVM-NIR spectroscopy for carbon and nitrogen prediction in soils under sugarcane Sandra Oliveira Sa, Marco Flores Ferrao, Marcelo Valadares Galdos, Carla Maris Machado Bittar, Ronei Jesus Poppi, pp. 17-20.
Link Aquisition and reliability of geophysical data in soil science Anne-Kathrin Nusch, Peter Dietrich, Ulrike Werban, Thorsten Behrens, pp. 21-24.
Link Assessment of soil variation by multivariate geostatistical analysis of EMI and gamma-radiometric data Annamaria Castrignano, Mike T F Wong, Francesca Guastaferro, pp. 25-28.
Link Can electromagnetic induction be used to evaluate sprinkler irrigation uniformity for a shallow rooted crop? Amjed Hussain, Steven Raine, pp. 29-32.
Link Can Field-Based Spectroscopic Sensors Measure Soil Carbon in a Regulated Carbon Trading Program? Eric Lund, pp. 33-36.
Link Characterizing soil management systems using electromagnetic induction Karl Vanderlinden, Gonzalo Martinez, Juan Vicente Giraldez, Jose Luis Muriel, pp. 37-40.
Link Cluster analysis of geophysical field data: An approach for reasonable partitioning of sites Peter Dietrich, Daniel Altdorff, pp. 41-44.
Link Comparison of fractal and empirical model for estimation Soil Water Retention Curve Mahmood Fazeli, Davood Namdar Khojasteh, Mahdi Shorafa, pp. 45-48.
Link Correlation between soil resistance penetration and soil electrical conductivity using soil sampling schemes Glecio Machado Siqueira, Jorge Dafonte Dafonte, Javier Bueno Lema, Antonio Paz Gonzalez, pp. 49-52.
Link Creating soil degradation maps using gamma-ray signatures Petra Erbe, Ulrich Schuler, Suwimon Wicharuck, Wanida Rangubpit, Karl Stahr, Ludger Herrmann, pp. 53-55.
Link Defining soil sample preparation requirements for MIR spectroscopic analysis using principal components Jeffrey Baldock, Bruce Hawke, pp. 56-58.
Link Development of Pedotransfer Functions to Predict Soil Hydraulic Properties in Golestan Province, Iran Fereydun Sarmadian, Ruhollah Taghizadeh Mehrjardi, pp. 59-62.
Link Electromagnetic Imaging of Prior Stream Channels using a DUALEM-421 and Inversion Kira Bruzgulis, John Triantafilis, Fernando Monteiro Santos, pp. 63-66.
Link Field measurement of root density and soil organic carbon content using soil spectral reflectance Mike Hedley, Bambang Kusumo, Carolyn Hedley, Mike Tuohy, pp. 67-70.
Link ICP determination of phosphorous in soils and plants Krasimir Ivanov, Penka Zaprjanova, Violina Angelova, Georgi Bekjarov, Lilko Dospatliev, pp. 71-74.
Link In situ temporal and spatial monitoring of the structure of a compacted and cultivated loamy soil by the 2D ERT method Maud Seger, Arlene Besson, Isabelle Cousin, Guillaume Giot, Julien Thiesson, Antonietta Agrillo, Bernard Nicoullaud, Guy Richard, pp. 75-78.
Link IR Assessment of C in Tropical Soils Beata E. Madari, James B. Reeves III, Diego M. Souza, Pedro L. O. A. Machado, Vinicius M. Benites, pp. 79-82.
Link iSOIL and Standardization Peter Dietrich, Uta Sauer, Ulrike Werban, pp. 83-86.
Link Locating Soil Monitoring Sites using Spatial Analysis of Multilayer Data Viacheslav Adamchuk, Luan Pan, David Marx, Derrel Martin, pp. 87-90.
Link Mapping the information content of Australian visible-near infrared soil spectra Raphael Viscarra Rossel, Adrian Chappell, Patrice deCaritat, Neil McKenzie, pp. 91-94.
Link Mapping the three-dimensional variation of electrical conductivity in a paddy rice soil Zhou Shi, Hongyi Li, Richard Webster, Yan Guo, pp. 95-98.
Link Mineralogical and Textural Characterisation of Soils using Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy Rob Hewson, Tom Cudahy, Adrian Beech, Mal Jones, Matilda Thomas, pp. 99-102.
Link News and traditional analytical tools for the study of soils and humic acids Paula Cecilia Dabas, pp. 103-105.
Link Prediction of soil moisture retention properties using proximal sensor tools Nathan Robinson, Leigh Callinan, Abdur Rab, Matt Kitching, Peter Fisher, pp. 106-109.
Link Resolving the True Electrical Conductivity Using EM38 and EM31 and a Laterally Constrained Inversion Model John Triantafilis, Fernando Monteiro Santos, pp. 110-113.
Link Simultaneous determination of chromium species by ion chromatography coupled with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry Girish Choppala, Mohammad Rahman, Zuliang Chen, Nanthi Bolan, Megharaj Mallavarapu, pp. 114-116.
Link The potential of gamma-ray spectrometry for soil mapping Ludger Herrmann, Ulrich Schuler, Wanida Rangubpit, Petra Erbe, Adichat Surinkum, M. Zarei, K. Stahr, pp. 117-120.
Link Three proximal sensors for mapping skeletal soils in vineyards S.Priori, E. Martini, E. A. C.Costantini, pp. 121-124.
Link Ubiquitous Monitoring of Agricultural Fields in Asia using Sensor Network Masaru Mizoguchi, Tetsu Ito, Shoichi Mitsuishi, pp. 125-128.
Link Weathering sequence of volcanic ash soils in the Matese Mountians as evaluated by Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (DRS) V. M. Sellitto, D.G. Schulze, G. Palumbo, C. Colombo, pp. 129-132.


Working Group 3.1 Processes in acid sulfate soil materials

Link A discussion of Acid Sulfate Soils mapping methodology as applied in Cairns, far north Queensland Lauren O'Brien, Jeremy Manders, pp. 1-4.
Link A national demonstration site for acid sulfate soil remediation in the Australian tropics - an overview of the East Trinity environmental success story Col Ahern, Doug Smith, Angus McElnea, Leigh Sullivan, Richard Bush, Scott Johnston, Steven Wilbraham, Simon Van Heel, Anabelle Keene, Bernie Powell, Michelle Martens, Brendan Malone, pp. 5-8.
Link A systematic analysis procedure incorporating the chip-tray incubation method for the hazard assessment of Acid Sulfate Soils in the Murray Darling Basin Nathan Creeper, Rob Fitzpatrick, Paul Shand, Peter Self, Rob Kingham, pp. 9-12.
Link Acid Sulfate Soil Remediation: Drainage Water Quality as influenced by tidal Forcing Sylvia Warnecke, Col Ahern, Angus McElnea, Freeman Cook, Rainer Horn, pp. 13-16.
Link Acid Sulfate Soil Toposequences in Wetlands of the Lower River Murray Gerard Grealish, Rob Fitzpatrick, Paul Shand, pp. 17-20.
Link Acid sulfate soils in the Perth metropolitan area of Western Australia Balbir Singh, Stephen Wong, pp. 21-23.
Link Atlas of Australian Acid Sulfate Soils: Recent developments and future priorities Robert Fitzpatrick, Steve Marvanek, Bernie Powell, Gerard Grealish, pp. 24-27.
Link Chip-tray incubation: A new field and laboratory method to support Acid Sulfate Soil Hazard Assessment, Classification and Communication Rob Fitzpatrick, Gerard Grealish, Paul Shand, Richard Merry, Nathan Creeper, Mark Thomas, Andrew Baker, Brett Thomas, Warren Hicks, Nilmini Jayalath, pp. 28-31.
Link Climate change: A frontier for acid sulfate soil research Richard Bush, Leigh Sullivan, Scott Johnston, Edward Burton, Vanessa Wong, Annabelle Keene, pp. 32-35.
Link Dissolution of phyllosilicates under saline acidic conditions Irshad Bibi, Balwant Singh, Ewen Sylvester, pp. 36-39.
Link Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in Coastal Acid Sulfate Landscapes Jason Kurt Reynolds, Mats Astrom, Ben Wilson, Bennett Macdonald, pp. 40-43.
Link Do acid sulfate soils need to be ring-mill ground to ensure an accurate acid-base account? Angus McElnea, David Lyons, Niki Finch, Claire Tallis, Col Ahern, pp. 44-47.
Link Effectiveness of Lime Particle Size in the Neutralisation of Sulfidic Acid Sulfate Soil Materials Kym M. Watling, Leigh A. Sullivan, Angus E. McElnea, Col R. Ahern, Edward D. Burton, Scott G. Johnston, Annabelle F. Keene, Richard T. Bush, pp. 48-51.
Link Effects of compost and lime amendment on soil acidity and N availability in acid sulfate soil Vo Thi Guong, Chau Minh Khoi, Pham Nguyen Minh Trung, Ingvar Nilsson, pp. 52-55.
Link Hydric halitic sulfuric soils in secondary salinised landscapes of Southwest Western Australia Brad Degens, Rob Fitzpatrick, Mark Raven, pp. 56-59.
Link Identifying the Impact of Acid Sulfate Soils on a Humic Boreal Lake Janne Toivonen, Peter Osterholm, pp. 60-63.
Link Isotopic variations of Fe and Zn in Finnish acid sulfate soils Anton Boman, Emma Engstrom, Ilia Rodushkin, Mats Astrom, Bjorn ohlander, pp. 64-67.
Link Landform mapping for SOTER at scale 1:1 million using SRTM-DEM Endre Dobos, Anna Seres, Michael Bock, Rudiger Kothe, Joel Daroussin, Vincent van Engelen, pp. 68-71.
Link Low temperature transformation of schwertmannite to hematite with associated CO2, SO and SO2 evolution Scott Henderson, Leigh Sullivan, pp. 72-75.
Link Managing acidity movement in the coastal land with acid sulphate soils: a modeling approach Phong Ngo, Hoanh Chu, Tuong To, Hector Malano, pp. 76-79.
Link Marine disposal of monosulfide from a eutrophic estuary system and the impact on water chemistry Bree Morgan, Andrew Rate, Edward Burton, Leigh Sullivan, pp. 80-83.
Link Mobilisation of As following sea-water inundation of acid sulfate soils Scott Johnston, Annabelle Keene, Richard Bush, Edward Burton, Leigh Sullivan, pp. 84-87.
Link Mobility and storage of metals, metalloids and trace elements in disturbed acid sulfate soils from a tidal estuary in South Australia Brett Thomas, Rob Fitzpatrick, Richard Merry, Warren Hicks, pp. 88-91.
Link Monolithic lysimeter as tools to study the composition of pore and drainage waters responding to high water table in boreal acid sulphate soil Seija Virtanen, Asko Simojoki, Markku Yli-Halla, pp. 92-95.
Link Quantifying retained acidity in acid sulfate soil materials: an evaluation of routine methods Chamindra Vithana, Leigh Sullivan, Richard Bush, Ed Burton, Scott Johnston, pp. 96-99.
Link Reductive dissolution of natural jarosite in a tidally inundated acid sulfate soil: geochemical implications Annabelle Keene, Scott Johnston, Richard Bush, Leigh Sullivan, Ed Burton, pp. 100-103.
Link Reductive sulfur biomineralisation in a re-flooded acid-sulfate soil landscape Edward Burton, Richard Bush, Scott Johnston, Annabelle Keene, Leigh Sullivan, pp. 104-107.
Link Remediating coastal acid sulfate soils by tidal inundation: geochemical hysteresis of Fe Scott Johnston, Annabelle Keene, Richard Bush, Edward Burton, Leigh Sullivan, pp. 108-111.
Link Sulfidisation processes in a reactive Fe-enriched acid sulfate soil, northeastern Australia Annabelle Keene, Scott Johnston, Richard Bush, Leigh Sullivan, Ed Burton, pp. 112-115.
Link The effect of oven drying and grinding on the partitioning of copper and nickel in acid sulfate soil materials Salirian R Claff, Edward D Burton, Leigh A Sullivan, Richard T Bush, pp. 116-119.
Link The effects of increasing salinity on exchange processes in coastal lowland acid sulfate soils Vanessa NL Wong, Scott G Johnston, Richard T Bush, Leigh A Sullivan, Edward D Burton, Peter G Slavich, pp. 120-123.


Working Group 3.2 Forest soil processes and change

Link A Network of Experimental Forests and Ranges: Providing Soil Solutions for a Changing World Mary Beth Adams, pp. 1-3.
Link A simple method for the determination of nitrate in potassium chloride extracts from forest soils Shinji Kaneko, Masahiro Inagaki, Tomoaki Morishita, pp. 4-7.
Link An equation for yield prediction for Pinus Taeda l. as a function of soil properties Itamar A. Bognola, Osmir J. Lavoranti, Antonio Rioyei Higa, Joao Bosco V. Gomes, Shizuo Maeda, Carla M. Camargo Correa pp. 8-11.
Link Changes forest soils under human factors (Komi Republic, Russia) Lapteva E.M., Dymov A.A., Vturin G.M., Simonov G.A., Bondarenko N.N., Rusanova G.V., pp. 12-15.
Link Changes in soil chemistry following a watershed-scale application of wollastonite (CaSiO3) at Hubbard Brook, New Hampshire, USA Chris Johnson, Charles Driscoll, Youngil Cho, pp. 16-18.
Link Changes in soil chemistry in the surroundings of wood ant (Formica polyctena) nests Veronika Jilkova, Jan Frouz, pp. 19-21.
Link Comparison of soil microbial biomass C, N and P between natural secondary forests and Larix olgensis plantations under temperate climate Jiaojun Zhu, Kai Yang, QiaolingYan, hangjie Jin, pp. 22-25.
Link Comparison of Soil Water Repellency and Sorptivity between an Acacia caven (Highly-Perturbed) and Cryptocarya alba (Slightly-Perturbed) Dominated Ecosystem Juan-Pablo Fuentes, Victor Bustamante, Horacio Bown, pp. 26-29.
Link Current organic carbon stock in topsoil of forest land in Japan Kazuhito Morisada, Shin Ugawa, Shinji Kaneko, Masamichi Takahashi, pp. 30-32.
Link Determinants of soil organic matter chemistry in maritime temperate forest ecosystems Karen Vancampenhout, Bruno De Vos, Katinka Wouters, Hans Van Calster, Rudy Swennen, Peter Buurman, Jozef Deckers, pp. 33-36.
Link Development of soil quality indices for natural forest habitats of lowlands and uplands in Poland and its application in silviculture � project description Stanislaw Brozek, Jan Mulder, Piotr Gruba, Paulien Mulder, Ewa Blonska, Jaroslaw Lasota, Piotr Pacanowski, Tomasz Wanic, Maciej Zwydak , pp. 37-39.
Link Effect of manganese concentration on beech leaf litter decomposition: results from field and laboratory experiments Florence Trum, Hugues Titeux, Bruno Delvaux, pp. 40-43.
Link Effects of balanced fertilization on bamboo's quality Xiaomin Guo, Shunbao Lu, Dekui Niu, Guoshi Zhang, Fang Chen, Zhijian Luo, pp. 44-45.
Link Effects of ecological succession on chemical characteristics of humic and fulvic acids in a Japanese volcanic ash soil. Yasuo Iimura, Mitsuru Hirota, Kenji Tamura, Teruo Higashi, Nobuhide Fujitake, pp. 46-48.
Link Effects of plantation forest species on soil properties Ivan Chirino, Leo Condron, Roger McLenaghen, Murray Davis, pp. 49-51.
Link Estimation of annual soil respiration rate in a larch forest in Central Siberia Tomoaki Morishita, Yojiro Matsuura, Yuichiro Nakai, Takuya Kajimoto, Akira Osawa, Olga A. Zyryanova, pp. 52-55.
Link Evaluation of growth of parica(Schizolobium amazonicum Huber (Duck)) in differents agroforestry systems in northeast of Para, Brazil. Maria de Lourdes Pinheiro Ruivo, Maria de Lourdes Soares Oliveira, Iracema Maria C. C. Cordeiro, Katia Paiva Monteiro, Dirse Clara Kern, Cristine Bastos do Amarante, pp. 56-58.
Link How an advanced combination of soil science, biogeochemistry, and paleo-ecology helps Ecuadorian cloud forest management Boris Jansen, Femke Tonneijck, Henry Hooghiemstra, Emiel Van Loon, Koos Verstraten, pp. 59-62.
Link Impact of forest soil compaction on soil atmosphere composition N. GoutalA, P. Renault, I. Cousin, P. Bonnaud, D. Gelhaye, G. Nourisson, J. Ranger, pp. 63-66.
Link Impact of tree species on the distribution of amorphous silica in an acid brown soil Jean-Thomas Cornelis, Hugues Titeux, Jacques Ranger, Bruno Delvaux, pp. 67-69.
Link Impacts of nitrogen additions and harvest residue management on chemical composition of soil carbon in a plantation forest Zhiqun Huang, Peter Clinton, Murray Davis, pp. 70-73.
Link Lignin phenols and cutin- and suberin-derived aliphatic monomers as biomarkers for stand history, SOM source, and turnover Sandra Spielvogel, Joerg Prietzel, Ingrid Koegel-Knabner, pp. 74-77.
Link Long-term changes in a forested Spodosol Mark David, Jenwei Tsai, Robert Darmody, George Vance, pp. 78-81.
Link Micromorphological and Chemical Characteristics of Placic and Ortstein Horizons in Subtropical Subalpine Forests Shih-hao Jien, Zueng-Sang Chen, Yoshiyuki Iizuka, Chih-Yu Chiu, pp. 82-85.
Link Mine Soil Suitability for Native Forests in the USA James Burger, pp. 86-89.
Link Monitoring scheme for examine carbon�water coupling in a forested watershed Nirmala Liyanage, Thomas Bishop, Willem Vervoort, Michael Nelson, pp. 90-93.
Link Nutrient release from Eucalyptus grandis and Pinus taeda harvest residues Gabriela Sanchez, Amabelia del Pino, Jorge Hernandez, pp. 94-97.
Link Short-term Effects of Litter Extraction on Soil Respiration, Soil Temperature and Soil Water Content in a Sclerophyll Forest of Central Chile Juan-Pablo Fuentes, Horacio Bown, Daniela Gatica, Jorge P�rez, pp. 98-101.
Link Soil carbon stocks estimation with reference to the degree of volcanic ash additions in Japanese forest soils Akihiro Imaya, Shuichiro Yoshinaga, Seiichi Ohta, pp. 102-103.
Link Soil Nutrients, Aboveground Productivity and Vegetative Diversity After 10 Years of Experimental Acidification and Base Cation Depletion Mary Beth Adams, James Burger, pp. 104-106.
Link Spatiotemporal distribution pattern of soil temperature in forest gap in Pinus koraiensis-dominated broadleaved mixed forest in Xiao Xing'an Mountains, China Wenbiao Duan, Lixin Chen, pp. 107-110.
Link Substrates Used In SIR Assays Can Inhibit Basal Respiration In Rewetted Soil Katarzyna Bialkowski, Robert Archibald, Giles Hardy, Treena Burgess, pp. 111-114.
Link The effect of warming on the CO2 emissions of young and old organic soil from a Sitka spruce plantation. Andrew Cross, John Grace, pp. 115-118.
Link The effect of wood ants (Formica s. str.) on soil chemical and microbiological properties Veronika Jilkova, Jan Frouz, Timo Domisch, Leena Finer, pp. 119-122.
Link Tree nutrition and chemical properties of a sandy soil in a pine plantation receiving repeated biosolids applications Hailong Wang, Mark O. Kimberley, Peter J. Wilks, pp. 123-126.
Link Using the multivariate data set of SOM quality to assess the management induced changes in forest soils Yan He, Jiachun Shi, Zhihong Xu, Chengrong Chen, Jianming Xu, pp. 127-130.
Link Effects of nitrogen addition on fluxes and concentrations of dissolved organic matter and inorganic nitrogen under a temperate old-growth forest in northeast China Xu Xingkai, Luo Xianbao, Han Lin, Cao Fuqiang, Han Shijie, pp. 131-134.
Link Planning the forest roads in reforestation - cases in south Brazil Carla Maria Camargo Correa, Itamar Bognola, pp. 135-137.
Link Quantified soil dynamics and spatial fragmentation within the shifting agricultural landscape in southern Cameroon Martin Yemefack, Rosaline Njomgang, Laurent Nounamo, David G. Rossiter, pp. 138-141.
Link Soil fertility of Pinus taeda L. areas with low growth rates in Jaguariaiva � Parana State, Brazil Verediana Fernanda Cherobim, Giovana Clarice Poggere, Ana Karina Nunes Santos, Antonio Carlos Vargas Motta, Carlos Bruno Reissmann, Vander de Freitas Melo, pp. 142-145.


Working Group 3.3 Soils in urban and industrial areas

Link A Chronosequence of Bauxite Residue Sand: Weathering and Vegetation Response Mark Dobrowolski, Ian Phillips, Martin Fey, pp. 1-4.
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Working Group 3.4 Global changes and soil salination

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Working Group 3.5 Paddy soils and water scarcity

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Working Group 4.1 Carbon sequestation on degraded lands

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