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Five tonnes of animal life can live in one hectare of soil.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

Division Symposium 1.1 - 4.2

Division Symposium 1.1

Link Dokuchaev�s soil paradigm and extraterrestrial �soils� Victor Targulian, Nikita Mergelov, David Gilichinsky, Sergey Sedov, Nikita Demidov, pp. 1-4.
Link Soil physical measurements by the Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Probe aboard NASA�s Mars Phoenix Scout Mission Douglas Cobos, Gaylon Campbell, Colin Campbell, pp. 5-8.



Division Symposium 1.2 Modelling soil formation in time and space

Link Combining quantitative (palaeo-)pedological, palaeo-environmental studies and modelling � an important step on the way to predict soil reactions to environmental change Daniela Sauer, Peter A. Finke, Isabelle Schulli-Maurer, Ragnhild Sperstad, Rolf Sorensen, Helge I. Hoeg, Karl Stahr, pp. 1-4.
Link Directed variability of paleosols properties in short chronosequences studied by the statistical approach (a case-study of kurgans in Orenburg region, Russia) Olga Khokhlova, Julia Meshalkina, pp. 5-7.
Link Genesis and composition of paleosols and calcretes in a plio-pleistocene delta fan of the Costa Blanca (SE Spain) Stephen Wagner, Norbert Guenster, Armin Skowronek, pp. 8-11.
Link Landscape - Soilscape Evolution Modelling: LAPSUS M. P. W. Sonneveld, A. J. A. M. Temme, J.M. Schoorl, L. Claessens, W. Viveen, J. E. M. Baartman, J. P. Lesschen, W. van Gorp, pp. 12-15.
Link Long-term soil landscape modelling in a Mediterranean agricultural environment R. Ciampalini, S. Follain, Y. Le Bissonnais, W. Viveen, pp. 16-19.
Link Modelling soil formation along a loess toposequence Peter Finke, pp. 20-22.
Link Soil reactions to extreme environmental stress: lessons from the past records Nicolas Fedoroff, Marie-Agnes Courty, Zhengang Guo, Mathieu Rue, pp. 23-26.
Link Shale weathering rates across a continental-scale climosequence Ashlee Dere, Tim White, Susan L. Brantley, Lixin Jin, David Harbor, Meredith Townsend, pp. 27-30.
Link Rates and variability of hillslope erosion in steepland catchments in the Oregon Coast Range, Pacific Northwest, USA Peter Almond, Josh Roering, Till Reckling, pp. 31-34


Division Symposium 2.1 Wetland soils and global change

Link A methane-driven microbial food web in a rice field soil Jun Murase, Peter Frenzel, pp. 1-4.
Link Abiotic and biotic changes of sulphur, iron, and carbon speciation after aeration of wetland soils Jorg Prietzel, Sandra Spielvogel, Anna Botzaki, Mareike Bretthole, Wantana Klysubun, pp. 5-8.
Link Acidity fluxes following rewetting of sulfuric material W. S. Hicks, N. Creeper, J. Hutson, R. W. Fitzpatrick, S. Grocke, P. Shand, pp. 9-12.
Link Development of bulk density, total C distribution and OC saturation during paddy soil evolution Livia Wissing, Angelika Kolbl, Zhi-Hong Cao, Ingrid Kogel-Knabner, pp. 13-16.
Link Distribution and stabilization of organic carbon in Danubian floodplain soils Markus Graf, Arne Cierjacks, Franz Zehetner, Axel Mentler, Birgit Kleinschmit. Friederike Lang, pp. 17-20.
Link Impacts of sea level rise on the biogeochemistry of a coastal floodplain in eastern Australia Vanessa N. L. Wong, Phillip Hirst, Scott G. Johnston, Richard T. Bush, Leigh A. Sullivan, Edward D. Burton, Peter G. Slavich, pp. 21-24.
Link Indicator of reduction in soils (IRIS) for wetland identification in Queensland Kelly Bryant, pp. 25-28.
Link Intensity and duration of waterlogging under rice crop estimated by micromorphology and mineralogy Irina Kovda, Marina Lebedeva, Gan-Lin Zhang, Zi-Tong Gong, Decheng Li, Nataliya Chizhikova, Vyacheslav Vasenyev, pp. 29-32.
Link Major and trace elements biogeochemistry and C sequestration in bog soils Claudio Zaccone, William Shotyk, Claudio Cocozza, Teodoro M Miano, pp. 33-36.
Link Mechanisms of phosphate dissolution from soil organic matter Amanda Morris, Dean Hesterberg, pp. 37-39.
Link Mediterranean wetland soil classes and its relationship with vegetation and land-uses types Pilar Torres, Ignacio Melendez-Pastor, Jose Navarro-Pedreno, Ignacio Gomez, Encarni I. Hernandez, pp. 40-43.
Link Mercury transformations in wetland soils in relation to C, S and Fe biogeochemistry Ulf Skyllberg, pp. 44-47.
Link Microbial biomass and activities in a Japanese paddy soil with differences in atmospheric CO2 enrichment, soil/water warming and rice cultivars Kazuyuki Inubushi, Takayuki Mizuno, Yunsheng Lou, Toshihiro Hasegawa, Yanhung Lin, Weiguo Cheng, Kazuhiko Kobayashi, Masumi Okada, pp. 48-51.
Link Mineralogical assemblage and iron oxides of soils of the Pantanal biome, Brazil Ricardo Simao Diniz Dalmolin, Deborah Pinheiro Dick, Egon Klamt, Eduardo Guimaraes Couto, Alessandro Samuel-Rosa, pp. 53-55.
Link Organic carbon transformation along a salinity gradient in Louisiana wetland soils Jim Wang, Syam Dodla, Ronald DeLaune, R. L. Cook, pp. 56-59.
Link Peatlands, carbon, and climate: the role of drought, fire, and changing permafrost in northern feedbacks in climate change M. R. Turetsky, pp. 60-62.
Link The effect of riparian buffers with controlled drainage on soil redox potential Sheryl H. Kunickis, J. Wendell Gilliam, Robert O. Evans, Michael Dukes, pp. 63-66.


Division Symposium 2.2 Management of landscapes for the future

Link Alkaline sodic soils of the Yelarbon area, Australia Andrew Biggs, Ben Harms, Jim Payne, pp. 1-4.
Link Assessment of saturated hydraulic conductivity in coastal floodplain acid sulfate soils Phillip Hirst, Peter Slavich, Scott Johnston, Simon Walsh, pp. 5-7.
Link Carbon storage in remnant trees and soils of grazing lands in Queensland Hossein Ghadiri, Janet Hussein, Calvin Rose, Cyril Ciesiolka, Caitlin Veraa, pp. 8-11.
Link Economic value of the beneficial function of organic paddy farming in Korea M. C. Seo, K. L. Park, B. G. Ko, K. K. Kang, J. Y. Ko, J. S. Lee, pp. 12-13.
Link Effects of landuse types at different slopes on soil erodibility factor (A case study from Amol area, north of Iran) Farzin Shabani, Manochehr Gorji, Ahmad Heidari, Atefeh Esmaili, pp. 14-17.
Link Field evaluation of selected yam (Dioscorea alata) accessions in acid soils and saline-prone areas Fe B. Perlas, Raul B. Ruiz, Ruby E. Pante, pp. 18-21.
Link Geochemical regional surveys: comparative analysis of data from soils and stream sediments Virginia Pereira, Manuela Inacio, Antonio Ferreira, Manuel Pinto, pp. 22-25.
Link Gross soil modification of duplex soils through delving and spading Glenn Bailey, Rebecca Tonkin, Brian Hughes, Rod Dowie, Natalie Watkins, pp. 26-29.
Link Integrating soil and water resources in local development framework : the ASTUCE & TIC program Fabienne Trolard, Alain Dangeard, Barbara Le Pors, Thomas Menard, Bernard Descamps, Frederic Baret, Raymond Bile, Nadine Brisson, Guilhem Bourrie, Andre Chanzy, Jean-Francois Closet, Marc Conruyt, Dominique Courault, Marie-Lorraine Dangeard, Philippe Dussouillez, Jules Fleury, Anthony Jan, Catherine Keller, Sarah Kirman-Meunier, Jean-Christophe Maho, Rachid Hadria, Francoise Ruget, Albert Olioso, Sophie Viseur, pp. 30-33.
Link Soil characteristics and their role in developing conditions favorable for denitrification Sheryl H. Kunickis, J. Wendell Gilliam, Robert O. Evans, Michael Dukes, pp. 34-37.
Link Soil erosion as an indicator of agricultural sustainability in tropical watersheds Juliet Manguerra, Dante Margate, John Bavor, pp. 38-41.
Link Soil science in the management of multi-functional rural landscapes Hamish Cresswell, Iain Hume, Enli Wang, John Finlayson, Jane Stewart, Anthony Ringrose Voase, pp. 42-45.
Link Spatial variability of soil enzymes in a sinkhole undergoing forage transition Mark Coyne, Essam El-Naggar, Tim Phillips, pp. 46-49.
Link Understanding variability in texture and acidity among sandy soils in Cambodia Sarith Hin, Richard Bell, David Newsome, Vang Seng, pp. 50-53.


Division Symposium 3.1 Precision techniques for land use

Link A method for mapping the spatial variability of soil physical quality Marcos B. Ceddia, Andre L. O. Villela, Carlos A. A. Varella, Sidney R. Vieira, pp. 1-3.
Link Analysis of potential benefits of precision irrigation for variable soils at five pastoral and arable production sites in New Zealand Carolyn Hedley, Ian Yule, Stuart Bradbury, pp. 4-7.
Link Agricultural utilization of the apatite-phosphorus in pyroclastic flow deposits Yasuo M. Nakamaru, Shuhei Tsutiya, Kazuma Okada, Nobuhiro Izumi, pp. 8-11.
Link Determination of potassium supply power of some different soils Ghorban Ali Roushani, pp. 12-13.
Link Forms of soil acidity and the distribution of DTPA-extractable micronutrients in some soils of West Bengal (India) Rajib Pati, Dibyendu Mukhopadhyay, pp. 14-17.
Link Identifying spatial variability of subsoil constraints using multiyear remote sensing and electromagnetic induction Yash Dang, Matthew Pringle, Michael Schmidt, Ram Dalal, Denis Orange, pp. 18-21.
Link Isotopic technique for tracing both reduced and oxidised forms of sulphur in a fertiliser Babasola Ajiboye, Samuel P. Stacey, Caroline Johnston, Michael J. McLaughlin, pp. 22-25.
Link Precision agriculture: challenges and opportunities in a flat world Raj Khosla, pp. 26-28.
Link Precision nitrogen fertilizer management of maize and cotton using crop sensors Peter C. Scharf, Newell R. Kitchen, Kenneth A. Sudduth, John A. Lory, W. Gene Stevens, Luciane F. Oliveira, D. Kent Shannon, Harlan Palm, J. Glenn Davis, Earl D.Vories, David J. Dunn, Andrea P. Jones, pp. 29-32.
Link Relationship between multi-spectral data and sugarcane crop yield Fernando Benvenuti, Mara Weill, pp. 33-36.
Link Relationship between spectral sugarcane data and local variation of soil attributes Mara Weill, Fernando Benvenutti, pp. 37-39.
Link Relationships of plant height and canopy NDVI with nitrogen nutrition and yields of corn Xinhua Yin, Angela McClure, Don Tyler, pp. 40-42.
Link Scaling of terroir and geospatial mapping of vineyard soils via electromagnetic induction James Fisher, pp. 43-46.
Link Soil nutrient concentrations and variations on dairy farms in Australia Cameron Gourley, Sharon Aarons, Murray Hannah, Warwick Dougherty, pp. 47-50.
Link Spatial variability of soil carbon at the paddock scale Kanika Singh, Brian Murphy, Alex McBratney, Brett Whelan, pp. 51-54.
Link The use and impacts of glyphosate and pyraclostrobin in soybean and sugar beet farming: selected socio-ecological issues in Michigan�s Huron, Sanilac, Lapeer and Tuscola counties, USA Lesley Atwood, James Bingen, pp. 55-58.


Division Symposium 3.2 Nutrient best management practices

Link A new perspective on the efficiency of phosphorus fertilizer use Keith Syers, Edward Johnston, Denis Curtin, pp. 1-3.
Link A new site-specific nutrient management approach for maize in the favorable tropical environments of Southeast Asia Julie Mae Pasuquin, Christian Witt, Mirasol Pampolino, pp. 4-7.
Link Acidification of volcanic ash soils under oil palm in Papua New Guinea: effects of fertiliser type and placement Paul Nelson, Suzanne Berthelsen, Michael Webb, Murom Banabas, pp. 8-11.
Link Ammonia volatilisation from urea fertiliser products applied to an alkaline soil Bruce Hawke, Jeff Baldock, pp. 12-15.
Link Ammonia Volatilization: On-farm Assessment of the Amount and Timing of Nitrogen Fertilizer Application in Corn Production Bao-Luo Ma, Tian-Yun Wu, Nicolas Tremblay, William Deen, Neil McLaughlin, Malcolm J. Morrison, Greg Stewart pp. 16-19.
Link Comparing the risk of phosphorus runoff following single and split phosphorus fertiliser applications in two contrasting catchments using rainfall simulation and Bayesian modeling Lucy Burkitt, Warwick Dougherty, Ross Corkerey, Shane Broad, pp. 20-23.
Link Computational method of appropriate nitrogen level by soil diagnostics in Andosols of Japan. Taku Kato, Masayuki Tani, pp. 24-27.
Link Creeping Bentgrass response to a stabilized amine form of nitrogen fertilizer Qing Zhu, Maxim Schlossberg, Ray Bryant, John Schmidt, pp. 28-31.
Link Deep placement of lime nitrogen promotes nitrogen fixation and seed yield of soybean with efficient utilization rates Takuji Ohyama, Yoshihiko Takahashi, Yoshifumi Nagumo, Kazuya Tanaka, Kuni Sueyoshi, Norikuni Ohtake, Shinji Ishikawa, Satoshi Kamiyama, Masaki Saito, Kaushal Tewari, pp. 32-35.
Link Denitrification Bioreactors for Agricultural Drainage Nitrate Treatment in New Zealand Laura Christianson, Dave Horne, James Hanly, Alok Bhandari, Matt Helmers, pp. 36-39.
Link Development of a fertiliser optimisation technique using multi-nutrient factorial trials and leaf tissue nutrient analysis in commercial oil palm plantations Michael Webb, pp. 40-43.
Link Effect of long-term fertilizations on organic matter, total nitrogen and microbes characteristic of black soil Dan Wei, Xingzhu Ma, Shuang Wang, Baoku Zhou, pp. 44-47.
Link Effect of Nitrogen Fertilization Timing on Juice and Bagasse Quality of Sweet Sorghum for Biofuel Production Jagadeesh Mosali, James Rogers, Ray Huhnke, Dani Bellmer, Billy Cook, pp. 48-51.
Link Effect of organic ligands on phosphate adsorption and availability in Andisols of eastern Hokkaido, Japan Masayuki Tani, Aya Kunimoto, Taku Kato, Masanori Koike, pp. 52-55.
Link Effect of P and Si amendment on the charge characteristics and management of a geric soil Quang Chon Nguyen, Chris Guppy, Phil Moody, pp. 56-59.
Link Effect of sources of sulphur on yield and disease incidence in crops in Jiangxi Province, China Zuzhang Li, Guangrong Liu, Fusheng Yuan, Xiangan Tang, Graeme Blair, pp. 60-63.
Link Effects of Australian rice farming systems on soil organic carbon concentrations Harnam Gill, Scott Black, pp. 64-67.
Link Effects of cultivation on phosphorus exports from irrigated pastures David Nash, Hayley Castlehouse, Murray Hannah, pp. 68-71.
Link Effects of different organic fertilizers on soil microbial biomass and peanut yield XJ Lin, F Wang, HS Cai, RB Lin, CM He, QH Li, Y Li, pp. 72-75.
Link Effects of P application method on P utilization in an upland soil: 12-year field micro-plot trials Muqiu Zhao, Xin Chen, Yi Shi, Caiyan Lu, Zhijie Wu, pp. 76-79.
Link Effects of rotation and fertilization on Chernozem soils of Moldova Boris Boincean, pp. 80-82.
Link Estimating N contribution from organic fertilizers and cover crop residues using online Calculators Dan Sullivan, Nick Andrews, John Luna, John McQueen, pp. 83-86.
Link Evaluation of Rice Genotypes for Zinc Efficiency under Acidic Flooded Condition B. Hafeez, Y.M. Khanif, A.W. Samsuri, O. Radziah, W. Zakaria, M Saleem pp. 87-89.
Link Evaluation of sulphur enhanced fertilizers in a soybean-wheat rotation grown in a Brazilian Cerrado Oxisol Joao De Deus Gomes Dos Santos Junior, Thomaz Adolpho Rein, Djalma Martinhao Gomes de, Sousa, Takashi Muraoka, Graeme Blair, pp. 90-93.
Link Fertiliser nitrogen requirements reduce as soil organic matter accumulates following modification of podzolised soils in New Zealand. Abie Horrocks, Steve Thomas, Craig Tregurtha, Mike Beare, Esther Meenken, pp. 94-96.
Link Fertilizer best management practices in the dryland Mediterranean area � concepts and perspectives John Ryan, Rolf Sommer, pp. 97-99.
Link Greenwaste biochar potentially reduces nitrogen fertiliser losses Simon Eldridge, Chengrong Chen, Zhihong Xu, Ildiko Meszaros, K.Yin Chan, pp. 100-103.
Link Growth of Tongkat Ali On Sandy Beach Ridges Soil In Malaysia Wan Rasidah Kadir, Rosazlin Abdullah, Rozita Ahmad, pp. 104-107.
Link How farmers� observations may assist in scientific research? G N Magesan, Peter Burton, Gifford McFadden, pp. 108-110.
Link Implications of minimum till dryland cropping systems for diagnostic P and K soil tests Philip Moody, Mike Bell, Kaara Klepper, David Lawrence, Grant Pu, pp. 111-114.
Link Influence of sewage sludge application in the recovery of a degraded quartzpisament Irae Amaral Guerrini, Thalita Fernanda Sampaio, Clarice Backes, Nayara Cristina de Carvalho, Fernando Carvalho de Oliveira, pp. 115-118.
Link Investigation on Soil Fertility and Citrus Yield in South China Chen Fang, LU Jianwei, LIU Dongbi, WAN Kaiyuan, pp. 119-121.
Link Is Sulfur Limiting Maize Grown on Eroded Midwestern U.S. Soils? John Kovar, Douglas Karlen, pp. 122-125.
Link Isotopic determination of sulfur (S) availability from S coated mono-ammonium phosphate Timothy McLaren, Chris Guppy, Graeme Blair, pp. 126-128.
Link Management of Multimicronutrients Deficiencies for Enhancing Yield of Crops K. P. Patel, M.V. Singh, pp. 129-132.
Link Management strategies to improve yield and nitrogen use of spring wheat and field pea in the semi-arid northern Great Plains USA. Brett Allen, Andrew Lenssen, Upendra Sainju, TheCan Caesar, Robert Lartey, Robert Evans, pp. 133-136.
Link Marandu palisadegrass fertilized with nitrogen forms and sulphur rates: productive responses Fabiano De Bona, Francisco Monteiro, pp. 137-139.
Link Limited movement of fertiliser-derived Mg and K through volcanic ash and alluvial clay soils of Papua New Guinea Suzanne Berthelsen, Michael Webb, Paul Nelson, pp. 140-143.
Link Nitrogen and sulfur fertilizations for a Signal grass pasture: forage yield, nutritional status and some soil fertility attributes in a rainy season Francisco Monteiro, Cristiane Silveira, Edna Bonfim-Silva, Daniela Oliveira, pp. 144-147.
Link Nitrogen leaching from contrasting liquid fertilizers applied to three soils Dara Park, John Kruse, John Cisar, pp. 148-151.
Link Nitrogen management for common bean crop in newly and established no-tillage systems Rogerio Soratto, Adelson Perez, Natalia Manzatto, pp. 152-155.
Link Nitrogen-15 uptake and distribution in two citrus species Rodrigo Boaretto, Dirceu Mattos Jr, Jose Quaggio, Heitor Cantarella, Paulo Trivelin, pp. 156-159.
Link Nutrient Best Management Practice: The Australian Experience Chris Dowling, pp. 160-163.
Link Nutrient Best Management Practices for Rice, Maize, and Wheat in Asia Roland Buresh, pp. 164-167.
Link Nutrient Best Management Practices need regional Material Flow Management for Soil Protection Sylvia Warnecke, Markus Biberacher, Hans-Jorg Brauckmann, Gabriele Broll, pp. 168-171.
Link Nutrient best management practices: Western perspectives on global nutrient stewardship. Terry Roberts, pp. 172-175.
Link Optimal Nitrogen Fertilization Timing for Upland Rice Nand Fageria, pp. 176-179.
Link Pasture fertilisation with sulfur enhanced fertilizer Richard Flavel, Christopher Guppy, Graeme Blair, pp. 180-183.
Link Phosphorus availability and plant production in a Ferralsol from South Brazil Paulo Sergio Pavinato, Thomas Newton Martin, Jordan Tiegs Mondardo, Ricardo Junior Marangon, pp. 184-187.
Link Phytoextraction of phosphorus from Australian dairy pasture soils to reduce environmental loss Jessica Coad, Lucy Burkitt, Warwick Dougherty, Leigh Sparrow, pp. 188-190.
Link Phytomass partition of sunflower silage, under boron and calcium fertilization Thomas Newton Martin, Paulo Sergio Pavinato, Luis Fernando Glasenapp de Menezes, Patricia Bertoncelli, Sidney Ortiz, pp. 191-194.
Link Pine Seedlings Development Under Sources And Rates Of Phosphate Fertilization Paulo Pavinato, Jordan Mondardo, Ricardo Marangon, pp. 195-197.
Link Potato Response to Tillage and Nitrogen Management A.K. Alva, H.P. Collins, R.A. Boydston, pp. 198-200.
Link Predictive value of resin extraction to determine sulfur and phosphorus response of maize in a range of soils from the New England Tablelands of NSW, Australia Christopher Guppy, Graeme Blair, 2009 SOIL411 Class, pp. 201-204.
Link Research on Nutrients Uptake and Accumulation in Grape tree Yan'an Tong, Wenjuan Ma, Yimin Gao, Shulan Zhang, pp. 205-207.
Link Response of Pinus radiata (D. Don) to boron fertilisation under greenhouse conditions Raza Khan, Christopher Anderson, Paripurnanda Loganathan, Jianming Xue, Peter Clinton, pp. 208-211.
Link Rice yield affected by gypsum, lime and silicate application in no tillage system Carlos Crusciol, Angela Artigiani, Gustavo Castro, Orivaldo Arf, pp. 212-215.
Link Risk for N losses after harvest in tilled and untilled clays Bo Stenberg, Johanna Wetterlind, Maria Stenberg, pp. 216-218.
Link Rock powder solubilization by Aspergillus niger as a source of potassium for agroecological systems Maria Leonor Lopes-Assad, Simoni Helena Avansini Greice Erler, Marcia Maria Rosa Jose Ruy Porto de Carvalho, Sandra Regina Ceccato-Antonini, pp. 219-221.
Link Shoot and root growth and potassium concentration of maize as affected by potassium fertiliser placement Jason Perna, Neal Menzies, pp. 222-225.
Link Soil chemical attributes affected by superficial application of lime and silicate Gustavo Castro, Carlos Alexandre Crusciol, Jayme Ferrari Neto, Claudio da Costa, Mauricio Mancuso, pp. 226-228.
Link Soil chemical attributes, technological quality and yields of sugar cane submitted to organic and mineral fertilizers Reges Heinrichs, Elaine Santos, Paulo Figueiredo, Samir Mussa, Josimari Paschoaloto, Cecilio Filho, pp. 229-232.
Link Soil nitrification as affected by Brachiarias Adauto Fernandes, Emerson Souza, Gabriel Andrade, Marcelo Gimenes, Ciro Rosolem, pp. 233-236.
Link Soil nutrition and common scab disease of potato in Australia Tonya Wiechel, Nigel Crump, pp. 237-240.
Link Soil phosphorus distribution in a crop production system with long-term compost amendment Leandro Bortolon, John Kovar, Cynthia Cambardella, Jeremy Singer, Clesio Gianello, pp. 241-244.
Link Soil properties under Orthosiphon stamineus (Benth) intercropped with Durio zibethinus (Murr) and treated with various organic fertilizers Affendy Hassan, Aminuddin Mohamad, Arifin Abdu, Roszehan Md Idrus, Normah Awang Besar, pp. 245-248.
Link Soils-based evaluation of labile organic carbon and the role this may play in net soil mineralisation rates in Kiwifruit Orchard - Kaharoa ash soils of the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand Siva (Sivalingam) Sivakumaran, Tessa Mills, Markus Deurer, Denis Curtin, Mike Beare, Brent Clothier, pp. 249-252.
Link Sorption and bioavailability of phosphorus in soils as affected by coal combustion products Balaji Seshadri, Chaturangi Wickremaratne, Nanthi S. Bolan, Ken Brodie, Ravi Naidu, pp. 253-256.
Link Study of the degree of phosphorus saturation in Walloon Region (Southern Belgium) Malorie Renneson, Christophe Vandenberghe, ,Jean Marie Marcoen, Laurent Bock, Gilles Colinet, pp. 257-260.
Link Study of the effects of rock phosphate application with phosphate solublizing bacteria on P availability for corn Hossein Mirseyed Hosseini, Sara Khayami, Hossein Besharati, Sanam.Bybordi, pp. 261-263.
Link Sulphur status of soils of the Cerrado region of Brazil and the ability of important agricultural soils of Brazil to oxidize elemental S. Luis Prochnow, Graeme Blair, pp. 264-267.
Link The effect of P fertiliser application strategy and soil P sorption properties on �incidental� P fertiliser characteristics using laboratory techniques and long term Bayesian risk modelling Warwick Dougherty, Lucy Burkitt, Ross Corkrey, Deirdreq Harvey, pp. 268-271.
Link The effect of soil available P and P buffering on runoff P concentration from pastures Warwick Dougherty, Lucy Burkitt, Paul Milham, Deirdre Harvey, pp. 272-275.
Link Triple superphosphate placement affects early growth of chickpea Enamul Kabir, Richard Bell, Chris Johansen, pp. 276-279.
Link Using GIS approach to map soil fertility in Hyderabad district of Pakistan Naheed Akhter, Manfred Denich, Heiner Goldbach, pp. 280-282.
Link Using the soil as a buffer allows more sustainable management of nitrogen in sugarcane production Peter Thorburn, Jody Biggs, Tony Webster, Ian Biggs, pp. 283-286.
Link Utilization by plant cane, and first and second ratoon crops of nitrogen fertiliser applied at planting Henrique C. Junqueira Franco, Paulo Cesar Ocheuze Trivelin, Rafael Otto, Andre Cesar Vitti, Em�dio Cantidio de Almeida Olvieira, pp. 287-290.
Link Effect of long-term nitrogen fertilization on main soil chemical properties in Cambisol Dragan Cakmak, Elmira Saljnikov, Veljko Perovic, Darko Jaramaz, esna Mrvic, pp. 291-293.
Link Nutrient management for sugar beet (Beta vulgaris L.) on K-fixing soils Abdul Wakeel, Diedrich Steffens, Sven Schubert, pp. 294-297.
Link Where in the world is the potash that we need? David Manning, pp. 298-301.
Link Best Management Practices in South Florida: A Success Story Samira H. Daroub, Timothy A. Lang, Stuart Van Horn, pp. 302-305.
Link Performance of Systematic Approach to Nutrient Management to Improve Maize Productivity in Tamil Nadu, India Satyanarayana Talatam, P. Malarvizhi, S.Thiyageshwari, pp. 306-308.
Link Valuing environmental externalities associated with oasis farming in Alxa, China Yongping WeiA, Robert WhiteB Kelin HuC Deli ChenB and Brian Davidson, pp. 309-311.


Division Symposium 4.1 Why trest soils like dirt?

Link Isee - Integrating spatial educational experiences into soil, crop, and environmental sciences Darrell G. Schulze, Phillip R. Owens, Stephanie Mitzman, Lori Unruh Snyder, George E. Van Scoyoc, John G. Graveel, Gary C. Steinhardt, Christopher C. Miller, Marianne Stowell Bracke, Ronald J. Glotzbach, Laura A. Kocur, Bedrich Benes, Travis Neely, Mike Wiggington, Rick Nielson, pp. 1-4.
Link New Horizons for Profiling Soil Science in Schools Lyn Abbott, Bob Fitzpatrick, Jan Dook, Jenny Gull, Helen Billiald, pp. 5-8.
Link Soil quality indicators for Australian cropping systems Andrew Wherrett, Daniel Murphy, Frances Hoyle, pp. 9-12.
Link Soils ARE dirt Rebecca Lines-Kelly, pp. 13-16.
Link State regulations, organic lawn management, and nutrient accumulation in soils Thomas Morris, Janet McAllister, pp. 17-20.
Link Understanding your soils - working with land managers Gemma Heemskerk, Mark Imhof, Colin Smith, Richard MacEwan, Damian Bougoure, Melissa Cann, Doug Crawford, Tim Johnston, Pauline Mele, Bernard Noonan, Darryl Pearl, pp. 21-24.
Link Value-added futures: education, the environment and the economy Jacqueline Rowarth, pp. 25-28.


Division Symposium 4.2 Soils and human health

Link Development of site specific guidelines for future land use at the Woodcutters lead zinc mine Violet Diacomanolis, Jack C. Ng, Rory Haymont, Barry N. Noller, pp. 1-3.
Link Extraction of cyanide from soil using alkaline phosphate solutions Young Woo Choi, Jung Wha Lee, Jae Gon Kim, pp. 4-6.
Link Gardening on Brownfields Sites: Evaluating Trace Element Transfer from Soil to Plants and Their Transformations in Soils G. M. Hettiarachchi, S. Martin, A. Rae, P. Defoe, D. Presely, G. M. Pierzysnki, pp. 7-10.
Link Human health problems related to trace element deficiencies in soil Eiliv Steinnes, pp. 11-14.
Link Melioidosis case clusters in a tropical urban setting: association with soil type and geomorphology Maree Corkeron, Stefan Loehr, Robert Norton, Paul Nelson, pp. 15-18.
Link Nitrate Situation in Some Vegetables and the Necessity of Crop Production via Organic Farming Mohammad Javad Rousta, Elmira Lotfi, Narsis Shamsalam, Fatemeh Mousavi, Lida Soleiman Heshmati, Shadi Ghasemyfard, pp. 19-21.
Link Selenium concentration in soil of Iran L. Nazemi, Sh. Nazmara, MR. Eshraghyan, M. Younesian, H. Sereshti, A. Moameni, J. Shahtaheri, S. Nasseri, pp. 22-25.
Link Sinister Soils and Risky Rhizospheres: The Ecology of Melioidosis and Other Soil-Borne Infections Tim Inglis, pp. 26-29.
Link The Influence of Soil on Public Health Ian Pepper, Charles Rice, pp. 30-32.
Link Trace-metal concentrations in African dust: Effects of long-distance transport and implications for human health Virginia Garrison, Paul Lamothe, Suzette Morman, Geoffrey Plumlee, pp. 33-36.
Link Uptake of cadmium by lettuce in tropical contaminated soils Thiago Assis Rodrigues Nogueira, Cassio Hamilton Abreu Junior, Luis Reynaldo Ferracciu Alleoni, Andre Luis Borges Trombeta, Zhenli Lee He, pp. 37-40.
Link Human and ecological risk assessment of contaminated sites�Key knowledge gaps Ravi Naidu, Nanthi Bolan, Mallavarapu Megharaj, Albert Juhasz, Enzo Lombi, Euan Smith, pp. 41-44.