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Soil is one of the most complicated biological materials on our planet.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

Congress symposium 1-8

Congress Symposium 1 The GlobalSoilmap.net project

Link Aligning New Zealand digital soil mapping with the global soil mapping project Allan Hewitt, James Barringer, Guy Forrester, Ian Lynn, Thomas Mayr, Stephen McNeil, Trevor Webb, pp. 1-4.
Link Digital soil mapping using legacy soil data in Korea S. Young Hong, Budiman Minasny, Yong Seon Zhang, Yi Hyun Kim, Kang Ho Jung, pp. 5-8.
Link GlobalSoilMap.net - from planning, development and proof of concept to full-scale production mapping R.A. MacMillan, A. E. Hartemink, A. B. McBratney, pp. 9-12.
Link GlobalSoilMap.net: Canada-United States digital soil mapping case Jon Hempel, Steve DeGloria, Walter Fraser, Xioyuan Geng, Amand Moore, Scott. Smith, James Thompson, Arnie Waddell, Tom D�Avello, pp. 13-16.
Link Regional approach to soil property mapping using legacy data and spatial disaggregation techniques James A. Thompson, Timothy Prescott, Amanda C. Moore, James �Skip� Bell, Darrell Kautz, Jon Hempel, Sharon W. Waltman, C. Hobie Perry, pp. 17-20.
Link Soil property mapping over large areas using sparse ad-hoc samples A-Xing Zhu, Jing Liu, Chengzhi Qin, Shujie Zhang, Ya-ning Chen, Xingwang Ma, pp. 21-23.
Link Soil spectral diagnostics � infrared, x-ray and laser diffraction spectroscopy for rapid soil characterization in the Africa Soil Information Service Keith D Shepherd, pp. 24-27.


Congress Symposium 2 Soil ecosystem services

Link Actinobacterial community dynamics in long term managed grasslands Sasha Jenkins, Ian Waite, Adrian Blackburn, Rebecca Husband, Steven Rushton, Anthony O�Donnell, pp. 1-4.
Link Alteration of soil chemical properties by two species of millipedes Noriko Iwashima, Nobuhiro Kaneko, Toshiyuki Wakatsuki, Tsugiyuki Masunaga, pp. 5-7.
Link Anecic earthworms and associated ecosystem services in a ley-arable crop rotation Nick Van Eekeren, Lydia Bommele, Jan Bokhorst, Ton Schouten, Dirk Reheul, Lijbert Brussaard, pp. 8-11.
Link Carbon input and soil carbon dioxide emission affected by land use and management practices Upendra M. Sainju, William B. Stevens, Thecan Caesar-TonThat, Jalal D. Jabro, pp. 12-15.
Link Enzyme activity in a sinkhole undergoing forage renovation Essam El-Naggar, Mark Coyne, Tim Phillips, pp. 16-19.
Link From innovation to adaptation: A 30-year SEE lesson from the evolution of saline-alkali soil management in Manasi River watershed, China You-Cai Xiong, Hui-Ming Liu, Shao-Ming Wang, Zheng Zheng, Xia Zhang, Xiao-Jun Hu, Hao Zhang, Zhi-Hua Li, Feng-Min Li, pp. 20-23.
Link Impacts of long-term no-tillage and conventional tillage management of spring wheat-lentil cropping systems in dryland Eastern Montana, USA, on fungi associated to soil aggregation TheCan Caesar-TonThat, Sara F. Wright, Upendra M. Sainju, Robert Kolberg, Mark West, pp. 24-27.
Link Influence of earthworms on the growth of cotton and wheat plants in contrasting soil types Geoff Baker, pp. 28-31.
Link Modelling the provision of ecosystem services from soil natural capital Estelle Dominati, Alec Mackay, Murray Patterson, pp. 32-35.
Link Mycorrhizal response of halophytes to plant growth in non-saline soil conditions Hamid R Asghari, Tim R Cavagnaro, pp. 36-37.
Link Nitrogen leaching in soil amended with biochars produced at low and high temperatures from various feedstocks Charles Hyland, Kelly Hanley, Akio Enders, Shelby Rajkovich, Johannes Lehmann, pp. 38-41.
Link Non-target impacts of the nitrification inhibitor dicyandiamide on soil biota Maureen O� Callaghan, Tracey Nelson, Richard Lardner, Philip Carter, Emily Gerard, Mike Brownbridge, pp. 42-45.
Link Reactive nitrogen cycling and potential ecosystem services trade-offs in an eastern Corn Belt soil Guillermo Hernandez Ramirez, Sylvie M. Brouder, pp. 46-49.
Link Root respiration interferes with peat CO2 emission measurement Fahmuddin Agus, Etik Handayani, Meine van Noordwijk, Kamarudin Idris, Supiandi Sabiham, pp. 50-53.
Link Soil ecosystem services in Amazonian pioneer fronts: Searching for socioeconomic, landscape and biodiversity determinants Michel Grimaldi, Maria del Pilar Hurtado, Xavier Arnauld de Sartre, William Assis, Thibaud Decaens, Mariana Delgado, Thierry Desjardins, Sylvain Doledec, Alexander Feijoo, Valery Gond, Luiz Gonzaga, Mario Lopes, Raphael Marichal, Marlucia Martins, Fernando Michelotti, Izildinha Miranda, Danielle Mitja, Norberto Noronha, Johan Oszwald, Bertha Pava Ramirez, Gamaliel Rodriguez, Simao Lindoso de Souza, Tamara Thais Lima, Iran Veiga, Patrick Lavelle, pp. 54-57.
Link Soil erosion potential under forest vegetation in the humid subtropics of southeast China Christian Geibler, Peter Kuhn, Thomas Scholten, pp. 58-61.
Link Spatial isolation increases diversity of complex bacterial community Jennifer Carson, Vanesa Gonzalez, Daniel Murphy, Deirdre B. Gleeson, pp. 62-64.
Link The effects of organic and conventional farming systems on selected soil properties of olive groves in central Greece Alexandra Solomou, Athanassios Sfougaris, Evangelia Vavoulidou, pp. 65-68.


Congress Symposium 3 Policies for soil health management in agriculture and protecting the environment

Link A national approach to map management practices that improve soil condition Jane Stewart, Jasmine Rickards, pp. 1-4.
Link Building a �whole of soil� policy framework Richard MacEwan, Sonja Tymms, pp. 5-8.
Link Evolution of European Union policies relevant to soil conservation in agriculture Geertrui Louwagie, Stephan Hubertus Gay, pp. 9-12.
Link Participatory action by the community in sustainable land use management for agricultural systems on the Ban Eang watershed Saluang sub district Maeteang district, Chiang Mai province, Thailand Chackapong Chaiwong, Suvimon Putajanyawong, Phatipan Sudigoolabud, Jiraporn Inthasan, pp. 13-15.
Link Soil acidification with various planting patterns in Lhasa, Tibet, China Zhonghao Zhou, Guojian Zhang, Xiaomei Song, Shuhan Du, Gangcai Liu, pp. 16-18.
Link �Soil protection � are we moving in the correct direction? Experience from England and the European Union� Stephen Nortcliff, pp. 19-20.
Link Translating policy into practice: purpose and potential of engaging landholders in monitoring soil condition Lisa Lobry de Bruyn, pp. 21-24.
Link United States policy approaches for assessing soil health Susan. S. Andrews, Michelle.M. Wander, Norman Widman, Cynthia A.Cambardella, Jeffrey P. Mitchell pp. 25-28.
Link Watershed-scale soil quality assessment: Assessing reasons for poor canopy development in corn Diane E. Stott, Cynthia A. Cambardella, Mark D. Tomer, Douglas L. Karlen, pp. 29-32.


Congress Symposium 4 Greenhouse gases from soils

Link Assessment of the boundary line approach for predicting N2O emission ranges from Australian agricultural soils Weijin Wang, Ram Dalal, pp. 1-4.
Link Bioenergy residues as soil amendments: climate-relevant C and N dynamics during decomposition M. L.Cayuela, P. J. Kuikman, O. Oenema, R. R. Bakker, J. W. Groenigen, pp. 5-8.
Link Brazilian greenhouse gas emissions: the importance of agriculture and livestock Carlos C. Cerri, Stoecio M. F. Maia, Marcelo V. Galdos, Carlos E. P. Cerri, Brigitte J. Feigl, Martial Bernoux, pp. 9-12.
Link Carbon dioxide emission from peatland in relation to hydrology, peat moisture, humification at the Vo Doi national park, Vietnam Duong Minh Vien, Nguyen Minh Phuong, Jyrki Jauhiainen, Vo Thi Guong, pp. 13-16.
Link Climatic impacts on greenhouse gas emissions in rice paddy fields Shujiro Komiya, Yuki Shoji, Kosuke Noborio, Tomotsugu Yazaki, Theerayut Toojinda, Meechai Siangliw, pp. 17-19.
Link Comparison of different approaches for estimating carbon budgets in a managed grassland in Hokkaido, Japan Mariko Shimizu, Satoru Marutani, Tao Jin, Desyatkin R. Alexey, Akira Miyata, Masami Mano, Hirata Ryuichi, Shoji Matsuura, Masayuki Hojito, Hiroshi Hata, Ryusuke Hatano, pp. 20-23.
Link Comparison of the ability of the nitrification inhibitors DCD and DMPP to reduce nitrification and N2O emissions from nitrogen fertilisers Helen Suter, Deli Chen, Huilin Li, Robert Edis, Charlie Walker, pp. 24-27.
Link Considerations for making chamber-based soil CO2 flux measurements Rod Madsen, Liukang Xu, Dayle Mcdermitt, pp. 28-31.
Link Contribution of root respiration to soil respiration in a maize field in Southwest China Changsheng Jiang, Qingju Hao, Junke Zhang, pp. 32-35.
Link Crop yield and greenhouse gas responses to stover harvest on glacial till Mollisol Jane M-F Johnson, Nancy W. Barbour, pp. 36-39.
Link Dependency of nitrous oxide emission factors on nitrogen input rates: A meta-analysis Dong-Gill Kim, Guillermo Hernandez-Ramirez, pp. 40-43.
Link Ectomycorrhizal fungi and N2O production Miranda T. Prendergast-Miller, Elizabeth M. Baggs, David Johnson, pp. 44-47.
Link Effect of marsh reclamation on heterotrophic soil respiration in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China Qingju Hao, Changsheng Jiang, Junke Zhang, pp. 48-51.
Link Effect of climate change on field crop production and greenhouse gas emissions in California�s Central Valley Juhwan Lee, Johan Six, pp. 52-55.
Link Effect of DOM (dissolved organic matter) derived from litter of Acacia mangium and Eucalyptus pellita on soil N2O emissions Chiaki Kawabata, Seiichi Ohta, Shigehiro Ishizuka, Agus Wicaksono, Joko Heriyanto, pp. 56-58.
Link Effect of nitrification inhibitor on nitrous oxide emissions in pasture soils Jiafa Luo, Cecile de Klein, Mark Shepherd, Stewart Ledgard, pp. 59-62.
Link Effects of phosphorus addition on N2O emission in an Acacia mangium plantation with and without root exclusion Taiki Mori, Seiichi Ohta, Shigehiro Ishizuka, Ryota Konda, Agus Wicaksono, Joko Heriyanto, Arisman Hardjono, pp. 63-66.
Link Emission of N2O from nitrogen-saturated, sub-tropical forest ecosystems in south China Jan Mulder, Jing Zhu, Peter Dorsch, pp. 67-70.
Link Enhanced greenhouse-gases emissions in an irrigated rice paddy fertilized with biofiltration leachate Young Bae Sim, Seong-Su Kang, Min Kyeong Kim, Soon Ik Kwon, Gwang Hyun Han, pp. 71-72.
Link Estimating the carbon benefits of sustainable land management projects: the carbon benefits project component A Eleanor Milne, Keith Paustian, Mark Easter, Niels H. Batjes, Carlos E.P. Cerri, Peter Kamoni, Patrick Gicheru, Emmanuel O. Oladipo, Ma Minxia, Michael Stocking, Melannie Hartman, Becky McKeown, Kris Peterson, Dean Selby, Amy Swan, Stephen Williams, pp. 73-75.
Link Flux of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide across scales of two tillage systems in a California agricultural system Dennis Rolston, Juhwan Lee, Kyaw Paw U, Johan Six, pp. 76-79.
Link Gas emissions from the interaction of iron, sulfur and nitrogen cycles in acid sulfate soils Ben Macdonald, Ian White, Tom Denmead, pp. 80-83.
Link Gaseous composition of smoke samples obtained at a tropical peatland fire Yohei Hamada, Untung Darung, Ube Tho, Suwido Limin, Ryusuke Hatano, pp. 84-85.
Link Genetic analysis of active N2O-emitting bacteria from tropical peat soils for their nitrous oxide reductase gene Yasuyuki Hashidoko, Hisahaya Takeda, Untung Darung, Lulie Melling, Ryusuke Hatano, pp. 86-88.
Link Grazing and GHG fluxes in steppe environments � how grazing reduces N2O emissions and CH4 uptake K. Butterbach-Bahl, B.Wolf, W. Chen, X. Zheng, X. Han, H. Wu, Z. Yao, M. Dannenmann, M. A. Sutton, N. Bruggemann, pp. 89-91.
Link Greenhouse gas budget for terrestrial ecosystems in China Zucong Cai, pp. 92-95.
Link Greenhouse gas emissions from intensive pasture on ferrosol in Northern NSW, Australia: Impact of biochar amendment Clemens Scheer, Peter Grace, Dave Rowling, Stephen Kimber, Lukas Van Zwieten, pp. 96-98.
Link Greenhouse gas emissions from soils under sugarcane for ethanol production in Brazil Carlos E. P. Cerri, Carlos C. Cerri, Marcelo V. Galdos, Brigitte J. Feigl, Martial Bernoux, pp. 99-101.
Link Have agronomic field trials provided sufficient data to predict soil carbon sequestration rates? Jonathan Sanderman, Jeffrey A. Baldock, pp. 102-105.
Link Hippuric acid effect on N2O emissions from cow urine patches at a range of soil temperatures Janet Bertram, Tim Clough, Leo Condron, Rob Sherlock, Maureen O�Callaghan, pp. 106-108.
Link How do microaggregates stabilize soil organic matter? S. M. Fazle Rabbi, Peter V. Lockwood, Heiko Daniel, pp. 109-112.
Link Impact of addition of various resource quality inputs on soil CO2 flux and C balance in a tropical dryland agroecosystem Nandita Ghoshal, K. P. Singh, pp. 113-116.
Link Impacts of soil moisture on trace gas emissions from grassland: a case study on grassland in Northern Ireland Simone Hepp, Cara Augustenborg, Burkart Dieterich, Tamara Hochstrasser, Christoph Mueller, pp. 117-120.
Link Influence of pore size distribution and soil water content on N2O response curves Tony van der Weerden, Cecile de Klein, Francis Kelliher, pp. 121-124.
Link In situ determination of NO and N2O from cow-urine applied to a pasture soil under summer conditions Shabana Khan, Tim Clough, Kuan Goh, Robert Sherlock, pp. 125-127.
Link Kolbjork: Carbon sequestration and soil development under mountain birch (Betula pubescens) in restored areas in southern Iceland Pall Kolka, Brian K Slater, Guomundur Halldorsson, Olafur Arnalds, pp. 128-131.
Link Links between emissions of nitrogen and sulfur gases from acid sulfate soils: field evidence Tom Denmead, Ben Macdonald, Ian White, Glenn Bryant, David Griffith, Andrew Kinsela, Mike Melville, pp. 132-135.
Link Loss of nitrogen by ammonia volatilization and NOx emission after application of urea to irrigated maize in Shanxi Province, China Tom Denmead, Debra Turner, Yongliang Wang, Zhang Jianjie, Zhiping Yang, Chen Min Chang, Zhang Qiang, Deli Chen, John Freney, pp. 136-139.
Link Management practices impact on soil nitrous oxide emission in the northern Great Plains, USA Upendra M. Sainju, pp. 140-143.
Link Modeling long-term soil organic carbon dynamics in forage-based crop rotations in Subarctic Sweden (62-63 oN) M. A. Bolinder, T. Katterer, O. Andren, L. Ericson, L-E. Parent, H. Kirchmann, pp. 144-145.
Link Modelling N2O emissions from agroecosystems: the WNMM experience Yong Li, Deli Chen, pp. 146-149.
Link Modelling of carbon flux in grassland ecosystems in Ukraine Atsunobu Kadono, Shinya Funakawa, Takashi Kosaki, pp. 150-153.
Link N2O and CO2 emissions following clover and cellulose incorporation into a New Zealand pastoral soil Pranoy Pal, Tim J. Clough, Francis M. Kelliher, Robert R. Sherlock, pp. 154-157.
Link N2O emission in Acacia mangium stands with different ages, in Sumatra, Indonesia Shigehiro Ishizuka, Seiichi Ohta, Ryota Konda, Yukari Gobara, Taiki Mori, Yuki Hamotani, Chiaki Kawabata, Agus Wicaksono, Joko Heriyanto, Arisman Hardjono, pp. 158-160.
Link N2O emissions from a tea field in subtropical China Xiaoqing Fu, Yong Li, Runlin Xiao, Chengli Tong, Jinshui Wu, pp. 161-163.
Link Monitoring nitrous oxide emissions from manure-fertilized alfalfa and corn cropland in the Northeastern US Marina Molodovskaya, Olga Singurindy, Brian K. Richards, Jon S. Warland, Tammo S. Steenhuis, pp. 164-167.
Link Nitrogen fertiliser increases nitrous oxide emissions from a semi arid Vertosol Sally J. Officer, Frances Phillips, Roger Armstrong, John Graham, pp. 168-171.
Link Nitrogen fertilizer rate management as a nitrous oxide mitigation strategy: Development of a nitrous oxide emission reduction protocol (NERP) Neville Millar, G. Philip Robertson, Peter R. Grace, Ron J. Gehl, John P. Hoben, pp. 172-175.
Link Nitrous oxide emissions from a clay soil depending on timing of autumn mouldboard ploughing Maria Stenberg, Tobias Rutting, Per Weslien, Asa Myrbeck, Johanna Wetterlind, Josefine Nylinder, Asa Kasimir Klemedtsson, Leif Klemedtsson, pp. 176-178.
Link Nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated cotton soils of northern Australia Peter Grace, David Rowlings, Ian Rochester, Ralf Kiese, Kiese Butterbach-Bahl, pp. 179-182.
Link Nitrous oxide emissions from nitrogen-enriched cattle manure compost pellets applied to Andosols Tsuyoshi Yamane, Yasuyuki Wakiyama, Hideo Kubotera, pp. 183-186.
Link Nitrous oxide emissions from soils in Australian sugarcane production systems Peter Thorburn, Jody Biggs, Merv Probert, pp. 187-190.
Link Nitrous oxide production in soil: Microbial source partitioning to inform management options for mitigation Elizabeth M. Baggs, Marta Streminska, Gaynor Barrett, N. Morley, pp. 191-194.
Link Physical and chemical manipulation of urea fertiliser for reducing the emission of gaseous nitrogen species M. I. Khalil, pp. 195-198.
Link Quantifying N2O and CO2 emissions from a subtropical pasture David Rowlings, Peter Grace, Ralf Kiese, Clemens Scheer, pp. 199-201.
Link Quantity and fate of root derived soil carbon produced after a growing season of canola, lentil, pea and wheat in Canadian prairies Louis-pierre Comeau, Angela Bedard-Haughn, pp. 202-204.
Link Reducing N2O emissions from nitrogen fertilisers with the nitrification inhibitor DMPP Helen Suter, Deli Chen, Huilin Li, Robert Edis, Charlie Walker, pp. 205-207.
Link Simulating N2O emissions from maize-cropped soil and the impact of climatic variations and cropland management in North China Plain Yuntong Liu, Yong Li, Yu'e Li, Yunfan Wan, Deli Chen, Qingzhu Gao, Xiaobo Qin, pp. 208-211.
Link Soil C dynamics following the ploughing of a poorly-drained grassland D. A. Angers, J. D. MacDonald, P. Rochette, M. H. Chantigny, I. Royer, M. O. Gasser, pp. 212-215.
Link Soil gas fluxes of N2O, CO2 and CH4 under elevated carbon dioxide under wheat in northern China Shu kee Lam, Rob Norton, Erda Lin, Roger Armstrong, Deli Chen, pp. 216-219.
Link Soil inorganic carbon pool changed in long-term fertilization experiments in north China plain Guitong Li, Chenglei Zhang, Hongjie Zhang, pp. 220-223.
Link Soil N2O fluxes are low from a grain-legume crop grown in a semi-arid climate Louise Barton, Klaus Butterbach-Bahl, Ralf Kiese, Daniel Murphy, pp. 224-227.
Link Soil nitrous oxide emissions under dryland N-fertilised canola and N2-fixing chickpea in the northern grains region, Australia Graeme Schwenke, Bruce Haigh, Guy McMullen, David Herridge, pp. 228-231.
Link Soil nitrous oxide fluxes following cover crops management under tillage and no tillage in South Brazil Josileia Acordi Zanatta, Cimelio Bayer, Frederico Costa Beber Vieira, pp. 232-234.
Link Sorptive protection of organic matter in soil Preeti Roychand, Michael Angove, Judy Tisdall, pp. 235-238.
Link Spatial-temporal variabilities of N2O emission from Acacia mangium soils Ryota Konda, Seiichi Ohta, Shigehiro Ishizuka, Joko Heriyanto, Agus Wicaksono, pp. 239-242.
Link Temporal and spatial patterns of N2O and CH4 emissions on an agricultural field containing ephemeral wetlands Sheng Li, Tom Goddard, Anthony Brierley, Len Kryzanowski, Kerrianne Koehler-Munro, pp. 243-246.
Link The Australian nitrous oxide research program Peter Grace, Louise Barton, Deli Chen, Richard Eckard, John Graham, Sara Hely, Kevin Kelly, Sally Officer, Ian Rochester, David Rowlings, Clemens Scheer, Graeme Schwenke, Weijin Wang, pp. 247-248.
Link The impact of land uses on N2O emission in an intensive dairy farming region, Japan Meihua Deng, Sonoko D. Kimura, Muneoki Yoh, Masayuki Hojito, pp. 249-252.
Link The isolation and identification of useful bacteria that decrease nitrous oxide emission from agricultural field Mitsuaki Ohta, Syuichiro Murakami, Kosuke Noborio, pp. 253-256.
Link The role of biochar in reducing nitrous oxide emissions and nitrogen leaching from soil Bhupinder Pal Singh, Blake J. Hatton, Balwant Singh, Annette L. Cowie, pp. 257-259.
Link Topographical variations of soil respiration in the deciduous forest -In the case with extremely immature soil from weathered granite- Koji Tamai, pp. 260-263.


Congress Symposium 5 Micronutrients in soils and plants in relation to crop and human health

Link Addressing variations in status of a few nutritionally important micronutrients in wheat crop R. P. Narwal, R. S. Malik, R. R. Dahiya, pp. 1-3.
Link Biofortification of cereals with zinc and iron through fertilization strategy Ismail Cakmak, pp. 4-6.
Link Effect of nitrogen and iron fertilizers on grain concentration of iron in wheat Seher Bahar Aciksoz, Atilla Yazici, Ismail Cakmak, pp. 7-8.
Link Effectiveness of borax and colemanite as boron sources for rice grown in flooded acidic soil M. Saleem, Y. M. Khanif, Che Fauziah, A. W Samsuri and B. Hafeez, pp. 9-11.
Link HarvestPlus: Developing and delivering micronutrient-dense crops Wolfgang H. Pfeiffer, pp. 12-15.
Link Influence of different K fertilizer sources on sunflower production Safoora Asadi, pp. 16-18.
Link Kinetics of DTPA extraction of zinc from calcareous soils from Iran Adel Reyhanitabar, Robert J. Gilkes, pp. 19-22.
Link Overview on Se use in soils of Sao Paulo state and its application to signal-grass Leticia de Abreu Faria, Pedro Henrique de Cerqueira Luz, Felipe Barros Macedo, Jairo Antonio Mazza, Valdo Rodrigues Herling, pp. 23-26.
Link Relation of soil mineralogy and microbial communities based on micronutrient status Atefeh Ramezanian, Colin D. Campbell, Sigrun Dahlin, Stephen Hillier, Ingrid Oborn, pp. 27-29.
Link Selenium in soils of Sao Paulo state and its application to forage legume Pedro Henrique De Cerqueira Luz, Let�cia de A. Faria, Felipe B. Macedo, Valdo R. Herling, Marcos R. Ferraz, pp. 30-33.
Link Selenium in the rock-soil-plant system in the south-eastern part of Romania Radu Lacatusu, Anca-Rovena Lacatusu, Mihaela Monica Aldea, Mihaela Lungu, pp. 34-37.
Link Soil fertility assessment in Tibetan villages in relation to the human Kashin-Beck disease Laurent Bock, Gilles Colinet, Daniel Lacroix, Elza Pluquet, Sarah Toint, Wangla Rinzen, Francoise Mathieu, pp. 38-41.
Link Technical aspects of zinc and iron analysis in biofortification of the staple food crops, wheat and rice James Stangoulis, pp. 42-44.
Link Waterlogging effects on wheat yield, redox potantial, manganese and iron in different soils of India N. P. S. Yaduvanshi, T. L. Setter, S. K. Sharma, K. N. Singh, N. Kulshreshtha, pp. 45-48.


Congress Symposium 6 Collaborative soil science in Australia

Link Collating and using Australian soil data - a process of aggregation or aggravation? Peter L. Wilson, David Jacquier, Linda Gregory, pp. 1-4.
Link Setting investment and monitoring priorities for soil condition in Australia � a challenge to soil information collaboration Ted Griffin, Mike Grundy, Jeff Baldock, Phil Moody, Peter Wilson, pp. 5-8.
Link Soil policy development in Australia Noel Schoknecht, pp. 9-12.
Link Soils of Northern Australia-potential food bowl or dust bowl? Peter L Wilson, Anthony Ringrose-Voase, Jason Hill, Noel Schoknecht, Bernie Powell, pp. 13-16.


Congress Symposium 7 Soil carbon Sequestration

Link Capturing carbon in Australian soils: Potential and realities J.A. Baldock, J. Sanderman, R. Farquharson, pp. 1-4.
Link Effects of long-term inputs of fertiliser and irrigation on soil carbon under grazed pasture Leo Condron, Amanda Black, Todd White, pp. 5-7.
Link From source to sink � A national initiative for biochar research Evelyn Krull, pp. 8-10.
Link Nano-scale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry � Application to soil organic matter research Daniel V. Murphy, Matt R. Kilburn, John B. Cliff, Peta L. Clode, Davey L. Jones pp. 11-12.
Link Soil carbon and the New Zealand Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Research Centre F.M. Kelliher, H. Clark, B.E. Clothier, A.D. Mackay, A.J. Parsons, G. Rys, D. Whitehead, pp. 13-16.
Link Towards truly sustainable cropping systems from a soil science perspective L. Bergstrom, H Kirchmann, Y Cohen, R Andersson, pp. 17.


Congress Symposium 8 Tertiary education in soil science

Link A new model for training soil science students to compete in a global society Donald L. Sparks, pp. 1.
Link Preparing professional pedologists through field practicums and career experience James A. Thompson, Maxine Levin, pp. 2.
Link Producing the thinking soil scientist Damien Field , Tony Koppi, Alex McBratney, pp. 3-6.
Link The challenge of soil science undergraduate education Stephen Cattle, pp. 7-8.
Link The soil scientist in the 21st Century Stephen Nortcliff, pp. 9.