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Soil is one of the most complicated biological materials on our planet.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

Symposium 3.1.1 - Symposium 3.5.2

Symposium 3.1.1 Further development of soil evaluation methods

Link A Complete, Balanced Fertilizer Recommendation for Tomato grown in Sri Lanka Saman Herath, Darshani Kumaragamage, Srimathie Indraratne, pp. 1-4.
Link A method to assess the vulnerability of agricultural subsoils to compaction Matthias Lebert, pp. 5-8.
Link A multivariate approach to site selection for comparative soil studies Stefan Lohr, Jane Hodgkinson, Stephen Fraser, pp. 9-12.
Link A new buffer that imitates the Brazilian modified SMP solution for determining potential acidity of Brazilian soils. Maria Alice Santanna, Joao Kaminski, Danilo Rheinheimer dos Santos, , Jaderson dos Anjos, Cesar Cella, Jaderson dos Anjos, Diogo Sebastian Pippi Calegari, pp. 13-16.
Link A quantitative assessment of phosphorus forms in Australian soils Ashlea Doolette, Ronald Smernik, Warwick Dougherty, pp. 17-20.
Link Application of fuzzy set theory to land suitability for irrigated wheat P. Maleki, A. Landi, Gh. Sayyad, J. Baninemeh, Gh. Zareian, pp. 21-24.
Link Application of MCDM method in Fuzzy Modeling of Land Suitability Evaluation Fereydoon Sarmadian, Ali Keshavarzi, Behnam Rajabpour, Sadegh Askari, pp. 25-28.
Link Assessing agricultural soil quality on a global scale Lothar Mueller, Uwe Schindler, Graham Shepherd, Bruce Ball, Elena Smolentseva, Chunsheng Hu, Volker Hennings, Peter Schad, Axel Behrendt, Katharina Helming, Frank Eulenstein, pp. 29-32.
Link Before and after: the make-up of native and disturbed mine soil materials. Katharine Brown, Robert J Gilkes, pp. 33-36.
Link Comparing the sensitivity of physical, chemical and biological properties to a gradient of induced soil degradation Guilherme Chaer, Marcelo Ferreira Fernandes, pp. 37-40.
Link Comparison of methods for soil acidity measurement in Ny�rlugos (Hungary) long-term field expriment Imre Vago, Laszlo Tolner, Imre Czinkota, Mark R�ekasi, Imre Kadar, pp. 41-44.
Link Deviation in soil colour determination based upon students visual perception Csaba Centeri, Marton Vona, Zsolt B�rio, pp. 45-48.
Link A soil invertebrate indicator for New Zealand pastoral soils Nicole Schon, Maria Minor, Alec Mackay, Gregor Yeates, Mike Hedley, pp. 49-52.
Link Evaluation and importance of soil functions in cities considering infiltration and climatic regulation Andreas Lehmann, pp. 53-56.
Link Evaluation of rapid buffer methods to estimate pH buffer capacity in highly weathered soils of south west of Western Australia Mike Wong, Kathy Wittwer, pp. 57-60.
Link Evaluation of surface soil condition in Tasmania, Australia William Cotching, Darren Kidd, pp. 61-64.
Link Investigation on spatial variability of soil chemical and biochemical properties using independent sampling of pair locations Flavio Fornasier, Gilberto Bragato, pp. 65-67.
Link Land and soil controls over the spatial distribution and productivity of rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) in Southern India Usha Nair, Madhusoodanan Nair, Sankar Meti, D.V.K. Nageswara Rao, Binni Chandy, Gopalakrishna Naidu, pp. 68-71.
Link Land Degradation Assessment: the LADA approach Freddy Nachtergaele, Riccardo Biancalani, Sally Bunning, Hubert George, pp. 72-75.
Link Land evaluation, key factor of successful agricultural development Rokhaya Fall, Ibrahima Deme, Papa Nekhou Diagne, pp. 76-77.
Link Land management within capability, a NSW monitoring, evaluation and reporting project Jonathan Gray, Greg Chapman, Brian Murphy, pp. 78-81.
Link Mapping and characterization of Boreal Acid Sulfate Soils Peter osterholm, Peter Eden, Annu Martinkauppi, Amelie Beucher, Markku Yli-Halla, Jaakko Auri, pp. 82-85.
Link Measurement of land-use effects on soil carbon and related properties for soil monitoring: a study on two soil landscapes of northern New South Wales, Australia Brian Wilson, Phoebe Barnes, Subhadip Ghosh, Terry Koen, Dacre King, pp. 86-89.
Link Measuring particle size distribution: Can the differences among examined soils and methods be proven? Gergely Jakab, Csaba Centeri, Karoly Barta, Andras Bidlo, Szilard Szabo, Zsolt Biro, pp. 90-93.
Link Modeling regional and vertical variation effects when estimating soil nitrogen% from loss on ignition Ai Leon, M. Cresser, R. Leon, pp. 94-97.
Link Participatory and demand-driven land evaluation: an on-going experience in Lontras, Santa Catarina, Brazil Ivan Luiz Zilli Bacic, Roberta Pereira Martins, Juniele Rodrigues Pivetta, Denilson Dortzbach, pp. 98-101.
Link Phosphorus supplying potential of European soils Helina Hartikainen, Asko Simojoki, pp. 102-105.
Link Shadow analysis field measurements related to soil surface roughness Rosario Garcia Moreno, Ana Maria Tarquis, Maria Cruz D�az Alvarez, Antonio Paz Gonzalez, E. Vidal Vazquez, Antonio Saa Requejo, pp. 106-1109.
Link Significance of microtography in a Gleysol Daniel Okae-Anti, Eunice Agyarko-Mintah, pp. 110-112.
Link Soil and Landscape Constraint Mapping for Land Use Planning Greg Chapman, Jonathan Gray, Xihua Yang, Mark Young, pp. 113-116.
Link Soil Condition Surveillance Monitoring for New South Wales Greg Chapman, Jonathan Gray, Brian Murphy, Brian Wilson, Glenn Atkinson, D. T. Morand, J. F.Jeys, R. Muller, B. Peasley, pp. 117-120.
Link Soil Fertility Evaluation in Negara Brunei Darussalam Gerard Grealish, Anthony Ringrose-Voase, Rob Fitzpatrick, pp. 121-124.
Link Soil quality assessment of Oxisols and Ultisols: the roles of site-specific factors Anna Maria Makalew, Bambang Hendro Sunarminto, Woerjono Mangoendidjojo, Didik Indradewa, pp. 125-128.
Link Land Capability, Suitability and Vocation in Venezuela Juan Comerma, pp. 129-131.
Link A case study in South-east China of operational pedology as a contribution to a project linking research and training Laurent Bock, Gilles Colinet, Daniel Lacroix, pp. 132-135.
Link Nutrient optima-based productivity zonality delineation in citrus orchards of northeast India Anoop Kumar Srivastava, Shyam Singh, S. N. Das, pp. 136-138.
Link Soil available phosphorus by Mehlich-1, Mehlich-3 and anion exchange resin and its sensitivity to soil clay content Luciano Colpo Gatiboni, Clovisson Menotti Boeira de Oliveira, Paulo Roberto Ernani, Jaime Antonio Almeida, David Jose Miquelluti, pp. 139-142.
Link Suitability of peach in Souma area (Iran), using Almagra model Ali Asghar Jafarzadeh,Farzin Shahbazi, pp. 143-146.
Link The assessment of land suitability in the implementation of homogeneous stands of Eucalyptus: prospects for a forest sustainability in Brazil Helena Saraiva Koenow Pinheiro, Lucia Helena Cunha dos Anjos, pp. 147-150.


Symposium 3.1.2 Farm system and environment impacts

Link A comparison between conventional and organic farming practices 1: Soil physical properties L. J. Hathaway-Jenkins, R. J. Godwin, B. Pearce, R Sakrabani, A. Whitmore, pp. 1-4.
Link A comparison between conventional and organic farming practices 2: Soil hydraulic properties L. J. Hathaway-Jenkins, R. J. Godwin, B. Pearce, R. Sakrabani, A. Whitmore, pp. 5-8.
Link Aggregate breakdown and dispersion of Brazilian soil samples amended with sugarcane vinasse by ultrasonic energy Bruno Teixeira Ribeiro, Jose Maria de Lima, Nilton Curi, Geraldo Cesar de Oliveira, pp. 9-12.
Link Aggregation of an Oxisol under management systems for 14 years in the Midwest of Brazil Julio Cesar Salton, Alex Ramos Costa, Josileia Acordi Zanata, pp. 13-16.
Link Agricultural potential of salmon wastes used as organic fertilizer on two Chilean degraded soils Jose Celis, Marco Sandoval, pp. 17-20.
Link Are differences in soil quality between organic and conventional farming systems greater in more energy-intensive sectors? Peter Carey, Henrik Moller, Jayson Benge, Dave Lucock, Solis Norton, pp. 21-24.
Link Assessing field sediment exports of northern Victoria farming systems using HowLeaky2008 model Olga Vigiak, Alice Melland, Dan Rattray, Anna Roberts, Jane Whitford, pp. 25-28.
Link Assessment of soil water balance at a distributed scale in Southern Italy Domenico Ventrella, Enza Di Giacomo, Costanza Fiorentino, Luisa Giglio, Raffaele Lopez, Francesca Guastaferro, Annamaria Castrignano, pp. 29-32.
Link Changes in soil pH as a result of lime addition as affected by rates, time and incorporation method David Hall, Jeremy Lemon, pp. 33-36.
Link Cropping management system influences on playa sediments in US southern high plains Richard Zartman, Carlos Villarreal, Wayne Hudnall, pp. 70-40.
Link Definition of biochemical parameters in composting in a Chilean Pisco industry Maria Martinez, Marc Janssens, Jimena Angulo, M. Molina , R. Ortega , pp. 41-43.
Link Determining minimum data set for soil quality assessment of organic farming system in Korea Jae E. Yang, Sung Chul Kim, Yong Sik Ok, Hyo Suk Lee, Dong Kuk Kim, Kye Hoon Kim, pp. 44-47.
Link Developing a multi-factor crop production environmental risk index R. R. Dobos, L. T. West, H. R. Sinclair, Jr., K. W. Hipple, pp. 48-51.
Link Distribution of organic carbon and total nitrogen in aggregate size fractions in a southern Nigeria Ultisol under different agricultural land use Durodoluwa Joseph Oyedele, Manuele Scatena, Enzo Sparvoli, Roberto Pini, pp. 52-54.
Link Earthworm population response to tillage and residue management in central Iran Mojtaba Yahyaabadi, Ardeshir Asadi, pp. 55-57.
Link Effect of agricultural practices on soil acidification in acid precipitation area Dingyong Wang, Shixing Li, Xiaojun Shi, pp. 58-61.
Link Effect of elevated carbon dioxide on straw decomposition and soil respiration under wheat in Australia Shu kee Lam, Rob Norton, Deli Chen, pp. 62-65.
Link Effect of household land management in constraining soil organic carbon storage at plot scale in a red earth soil area of South China Genxing Pan, Futian Qu, Shuhao Tan, Pete Smith, Afeng Zhang, Qi Zhang, Lianqing Li, Xuhui Zhang, pp. 66-69.
Link Effect of long-term irrigation with dairy factory wastewater on soil properties Yen-Yiu Liu, Richard Haynes pp. 70-73.
Link Effects of long-term different fertilization on yield stability of maize Qiang Ma, Wantai Yu, Hua Zhou, Ruijie Wang, pp. 74-77.
Link Effects of rice species, germanium application method and soil texture on germanium uptake and growth of rice plants with germanium Jong-Hwan Park, Dong-Cheol Seo, Yeong-Seok Cheon, Seong-Kyu Park, Ah-Reum Kim, Sung-Tae Lee, Ju-Sik Cho, Jong-Soo Heo, pp. 78-79.
Link Effects of rolling operations on cover crops termination, soil moisture, and soil strength in a Southeastern US no-till system Ted S. Kornecki, Andrew J. Price, Francisco J. Arriaga, Randy L. Raper, pp. 80-83.
Link Effects of soil management on changes of soil carbon content in alluvial paddy soil in Niigata Toshimitsu Honma, Hirotomo Ohba, Takuji Ohyama, pp. 84-87.
Link Effects of soil sodicity on the germination, growth and productivity of Soybean (Glycine max) Harnam Gill, pp. 88-91.
Link Effects of stock type on soil physical properties and losses of phosphorus and suspended sediment in surface runoff Fiona Curran-Cournane, Richard W. McDowell, Roger Littlejohn, Leo M. Condron, pp. 92-95.
Link Effects on soil chemical properties in Swedish arable soils of different lime products Lennart Mattsson, pp. 96-98.
Link Environmental monitoring in heterogeneous soil-landscapes; A Dutch case study M. P. W. Sonneveld, J. A. de Vos, W. De Vries, M. Knotters, J. Kros, pp. 99-101.
Link Evaluation of agricultural soil properties and organic material management in urban areas, Osaka Prefecture in Japan Shuji Sano, Tomoji Uchiyama, Makoto Tatsumi, pp. 102-104.
Link Fractionation and distribution of zinc in soils of biologically and conventionally managed farming systems, Western Australia B. Regmi, Z. Rengel, H. Shaberi-Khabaz, pp. 105-108.
Link Harvest equipment and soil erosion in a macadamia orchard Tina Dalby, Justine Cox, Stephen Morris, pp. 109-112.
Link Identification of regional priorities for conservation and production in forest areas in SE Asia Stephan Mantel, pp. 113-116.
Link Impacts of soil compaction by livestock on crop productivity� a modelling analysis Lindsay Bell, pp. 117-120.
Link Indigenous technology for adapting to water logging situation for sustainable livelihood security in low lying areas of Bangladesh Md. Altaf Hossain, pp. 121-124.
Link Infillings in irrigated soils cultivated with annual and perennial crops in the Apodi Plateau, Northeastern Brazil Teogenes S. Oliveira, Nilda B. Lacerda, Robert J. Gilkes, pp. 125-128.
Link Land management planning concerning to workability timing of soil in Souma area, using Aljarafe model Farzin Shahbazi, Ali asghar Jafarzadeh, pp. 129-132.
Link Leaching of nitrate due to the fertilization with litter of swine bedding, liquid swine manure and chemical fertilizer Denilson Dortzbach, Cristiane M. Leis, Jucinei J. Comin, Paulo Belli Filho, e Marcos G.Pereira, pp. 133-135.
Link Long-term liming ameliorates subsoil acidity in high rainfall zone in south-eastern Australia Guangdi Li, Mark Conyers, Brian Cullis, pp. 136-139.
Link Managing risks of phosphorus export from sites irrigated with abattoir effluent Peter Bacon, pp. 140-143.
Link Managing soil biological decline during long-fallows in cropping systems Anne Williams, Kathleen King, Heiko Daniel, Bob Martin, pp. 144-147.
Link Managing water and nutrients in sandy soils for tree crop production in Central Coastal Vietnam Peter Slavich, Hoang Minh Tam, Nguyen Thai Thinh, Brad Keen, pp. 148-151.
Link Microbial biomass activity in neotropical savanna soils managed during six years with conservationist cereal-cattle systems Rosa Mary Hernandez-Hernandez, Ignacio Castro, Zenaida Lozano, Carlos Bravo, Isabel Gonzalez, pp. 152-155.
Link Minimum-tillage, mechanized sowing of pulses with two-wheel tractors M. Enamul Haque, R. Jeff Esdaile, Enamul Kabir, Wendy Vance, Richard W. Bell, A. M. Musa, A. K. M. Shahidullah, Md Nur Nobi Mia, M. Maruffuzaman, Chris Johansen, pp. 156-159.
Link Monitoring soil quality in intensive dairy-farmed catchments of New Zealand: implications for farm management and environmental quality David J Houlbrooke, Ross M Monaghan, John J Drewry, Chris Smith, Alec McGowan, pp. 160-163.
Link Optimizing water and nitrogen management for irrigated maize in desert oases in Northwestern China Kelin Hu, Deli Chen, Yongping Wei, Yong Li, Baoguo Li, pp. 164-166.
Link Paper industry residues can be utilized to improve quality of a Humic Cambisol Jackson Adriano Albuquerque, Patricia Pertile, Fhelipe Batistella, Alvaro Luiz Mafra, pp. 167-170.
Link Permanent raised bed configurations and renovation methods affect crop performance Ghani Akbar, Greg Hamilton, Steven Raine, pp. 171-174.
Link Phosphorus distribution in fire managed grassland soils P. M. Gale, Eric C. Pelren, pp. 175-177.
Link Phosphorus fertilization impacts on maize yield and nutritional status with emphasis on P and Zn in leaves and grain Vlado Kovacevic, Zdenko Loncaric, Imre Kadar, Dragutin Petosic, Luka Andric, pp. 178-181.
Link Potential contribution by corn and Bollgard II cotton roots to soil carbon stocks in a furrow-irrigated Vertisol Nilantha R. Hulugalle, Timothy B. Weaver, Lloyd A. Finlay, Katrina Broughton, Daniel K.Y Tan, pp. 182-185.
Link Quantification of some soil properties as affected by land use, and its implication for vegetable farm systems Florencia Alliaume, Margarita Garcia, Walter Rossing, Ken Giller, Victoria Mancasola, Santiago Dogliotti, pp. 186-189.
Link Reading the land: influences of property management planning courses on landholders� soil management activities in border rivers-Gwydir catchment management authority Lisa Lobrye de bruyn, Julian Prior, Lisa Mascord, pp. 190-193.
Link Recycling rate of N, P and K in animal feed and bedding material and use efficiency of manure N, P and K in agro-ecosystems Wantai Yu, Qiang Ma, Qifu Ma, Hua Zhou, pp. 194-197.
Link Relation between soil organic matter and physical properties of a degraded Oxisol in recovery with green manure, lime and pasture Carolina dos Santos Batista Bonini, Marlene Cristina Alves, pp. 198-201.
Link Remote sensing of land cover and land management practices affecting wind erosion risk in NW Victoria, Australia Rob Clark, Richard MacEwan, Nathan Robinson, Jonathon Hopley, pp. 202-205.
Link Responses of PLFA and NLFA to Fertilization in a Chinese Arable Mollisol Bai Zhen, Zhang Xudong, He Hongbo, Xie Hongtu, Zhang Wei, Wang Jingkuan, Zhu Ping, Peng Chang, pp. 206-209.
Link Runoff losses of dissolved carbon and nitrogen in mountain Mediterranean agro- and forest ecosystems Angela-D. Bosch, Montserrat Antunez, Rosa M. Poch, pp. 210-213.
Link Screening of tolerant maize genotypes in the low phosphorus field soil Huimin Jiang, Juncheng Yang, Jianfeng Zhang, Yannan Hou, pp. 214-217.
Link Short-term effect of organic materials application on properties of agricultural soils in urban areas, Osaka Prefecture in Japan Tomoji Uchiyama, Shuji Sano, Yoshihito Kimura, pp. 218-220.
Link Soil carbon stocks in Southwest Goias, Brazilian Cerrado: land use impact and spatial distribution Fabiano de Carvalho Balieiro, Rachel Bardy Prado, Heitor Luiz da Costa Coutinho, Vinicius de M. Benites, Elaine C.C. Fidalgo,Carlos Eduardo Goncalves Ferreira, Silvio Marcos Ferreira Filho, Marconi Betta, pp. 221-224.
Link Soil carbon stocks under improved tropical pasture and silvopastoral systems in Colombian Amazonia O. Mosquera, P. Buurman, B. Ramirez, M. C. Amezquita, pp. 225-227.
Link Soil erosion modeling in terraced landscapes-examples from the Three-Gorges-Area, China Sarah Schoenbrodt, Thorsten Behrens, Stephan Imbery, Thomas Scholten, pp. 228-231.
Link Soil fertility and land suitability assessment of the different abaca growing areas in Leyte, Philippines Romel B. Armecin, Wilfredo C. Cosico, pp. 232-235.
Link Soil physical conditions that limit chickpea emergence with particular reference to the High Barind Tract of Bangladesh Wendy Vance, Richard Bell, Chris Johansen, pp. 236-239.
Link Stemflow runoff contributes to soil erosion at the base of macadamia trees Brad Keen, Justine Cox, Stephen Morris, Tina Dalby, pp. 240-243.
Link Subsoil amelioration with organic materials improves canola growth and water-use efficiency Gary J Clark, Peter WG Sale, Caixian Tang, pp. 244-247.
Link The effects of over cultivation on some soil properties, nutrients response and yields of major crops grown on acid sand soils of Calabar South-Southern part of Nigeria O. S. Bello, M. G. Solomon, O. A. Iyapo, pp. 248-249.
Link The influence of Natural Sequence Farming stream rehabilitation on upper catchment floodplain soil properties, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia Nathan Weber, John Field, pp. 250-253.
Link Time-controlled grazing and soil erosion control under a catchment scale experiment in South-east Queensland, Australia Gholamreza Sanjari, Bofu Yu, Hossein Ghadiri, Cyril A. A. Ciesiolka, Calvin W. Rose, pp. 254-257.
Link Transport and deposition of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Enterococcus faecalis in three Italian soils F. Morari, I. Coletto, M. Drigo, M. L. Menandro, J. Simunek, M. Martini, pp. 258-259.
Link Urine patch area coverage of an intensively stocked dairy pasture Jim Moir, Keith Cameron, Hong Di, Ulrike Fertsak, pp. 260-263.
Link Use of the BOs-1EP for the low-sample estimation of the spatial distribution of grain sizes Stefan Hinck, Norbert Emeis, Klaus Mueller, Olaf Christen, pp. 264-267.
Link Vertical and horizontal distribution of soil properties influenced by individual trees in grazing landscapes of NSW Australia Phoebe Barnes, Brian Wilson, Peter Lockwood, pp. 268-270.
Link Water contamination by nitrate and pesticide in a small watershed under tobacco cultivation Douglas Rodrigo Kaiser, Elena Blume, Danilo Rheinheimer dos Santos, Dalvan Jose Reinert, Jose Miguel Reichert, pp. 271-273.
Link What is the impact on farmer nitrogen fertilizer use of incorporating the effects of nitrous oxide emissions? Robert J. Farquharson, Deli Chen, Yong Li, pp. 274-277.


Symposium 3.2.1 Highland agriculture and conservation of soil and water

Link An assessment of the data resolution required to run the PESERA soil erosion model at a catchment scale in a high latitude agricultural catchment Nikki Baggaley, Allan Lilly, Ruth Walker, Marie Castellazzi, pp. 1-4.
Link Application of 137Cs Accumulation in Soil in Predicting Soil Erosion from different Land Uses in Haui Raen-Klongpid Watershed, Eastern Thailand Mallika Srisutham, pp. 5-7.
Link Application of Reduce Tillage with a Strip Tiller and its Effect on Soil Erosion Reduction in Highland Agriculture Jeong-Tae Lee, Gye-Jun Lee, Jong-Soo Ryu, Seok-Ho Park, Yeong-Sang Jung, pp. 8-10.
Link Artificial culture of biological soil crusts and their effects on runoff and infiltration under simulated rainfall on the Loess Plateau of China Xiao Bo, Zhao Yun-ge, pp. 11-14.
Link Bioinformatics for the Albertine Rift: A roadmap and infrastructure for a virtual regional research centre for applied biodiversity in Rwanda, Africa which integrates biological and geographical information including soils Maxine j. Levin, pp. 15-18.
Link Canopy cover and organic matter spatial distribution as indicators of soil quality for aquifer recharge Anna Oliveira, Mayesse Silva, Marx Silva, Junior Avanzi, Paulo Pereira, pp. 19-22.
Link Nutrients Leached under Lychee Cultivation of an amended Northern Thai Highland Acrisol Jiraporn Inthasan, Pathipan, Sutigoolabud, Somchai, Ongprasert, pp. 23-25.
Link Does irrigation prevent phosphorus and sediment loss via wind erosion and benefit surface water quality? Rich. Mcdowell, Sonya Walter, pp. 26-29.
Link Effect of a Soil Moisture Retentive Material on Yield, Quality and Nutrient Accumulation in Cowpea and Moisture Retention in Soil K.A. Nangare, M.R. Nagrale, S.S., Dhane, Harmandeep Singh, pp. 30-32.
Link Effect of Subsurface Drainage for Multiple Land Use in Sloping Paddy Fields Kiyuol Jung, . S. Yun, K. D. Park, Y. H. Lee , J. B Hwang, C. Y Park, Edwin P. Ramos, pp. 33-36.
Link Evaluation and estimation of soil erodibility by different techniques and their relationships Manmohan Jit Singh, Krishan Lal Khera, pp. 37-40.
Link Hairy Vetch and Rye as Cover Crops to Reduce Soil Erosion from Sloped Land in Highland Agriculture Jong-Soo Ryu, J. T Lee, GJ Lee, Y. I Jin, Y. S Zhang, Y. S Jung, pp. 41-43.
Link Impact of land use and hydrology on the soil characteristics and productivity in highland agriculture with watershed approach Uttam chand Sharma, Vikas Sharma, pp. 44-47.
Link Impact of Tillage and Maize Cropping System on the Physical Properties of a Kaolinitic Soil in the Brazilian Coastal Tablelands Marcelo Ferreira Fernandes, Antonio Carlos Barreto, Guilherme Montandon Chaer, pp. 48-51.
Link Increase in ground cover under a paddock scale rotational grazing experiment in South-east Queensland Gholamreza Sanjari, Hossein Ghadiri, Bofu Yu, Cyril A. A Ciesiolka, pp. 52-55.
Link Increasing Water Efficiency in Greenhouse Cooling system in Arid Regions Using Sulfur Burning Technology Abdou Soaud, Fareed Al darweesh, pp. 56-59.
Link Influence of Amendments and Soil Roughness on Nutrient Transport from Soil under Different Rainfall Intensities Zahoor Ahmad, Mohamed M.A. Abd, Elbasit, Faridullah, Toshimasa Honna, Sadahiro Yamamoto, pp. 60-63.
Link Influence of land use systems on soil resources in northern Thailand. Suwimon Wicharuck, Petra Erbe, Ulrich Schuler, Jiraporn Inthasan, Ludger Herrmann, Karl Stahr, Mattiga Panomtaranichagul, pp. 64-67.
Link Interactions between bio-fertilizers and the production of oats without irrigation in Chihuahua, Mexico Jesus Amado Alvarez, Mayra Denise Herrera, Rodolfo Jacinto Soto, Mario Rene Avila Marioni, Orlando Ramirez Valle pp. 68-70.
Link Long term effect of conservation tillage in a corn-oat rotation system on corn and forage oat yield in the North-Central region of Mexico Miguel Martinez-Gamino, Cesario Jasso-C Haverria, pp. 71-74.
Link Long-term Effects of two Tillage Systems on Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) (var. Forrest) Poduction, Soil properties and Plant Nutrient Uptake Desh Duseja, S. Dennis, pp. 75-77.
Link Loss of Soil and Nutrient from Different Soil Managements in Highland Agriculture Gye-Jun Lee, Jeong-Tae Lee, Jong-Soo Ryu, Yong-Seon Zhang, Young-Sang Jung, pp. 78-81.
Link Maize productivity as influenced by organic inputs and mineral fertilizer in a Nitisol soil in Meru South District Daniel Mugendi, Monicah Mucheru-Muna, Pieter Pypers, Jayne Mugwe, James Kungu, Bernard Vanlauwe, Roel Merckx, pp. 82-85.
Link Mechanism of water erosion of partially melted, frozen andisol Taku Nishimura, Noriyuki Kamachi, Hiromi Imoto, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, pp. 86-89.
Link Nutrient deficiencies limiting the growth of sweet potato vines on important soil types in the highlands of Papua New Guinea Issac Taraken, Debbie Kapal, William Sirabis, John Bailey, pp. 90-93.
Link Nutrient erosional losses in submontaneous tract of northern India under simulated rainfall Anshuman Kohli, K l Khera, pp. 94-97.
Link Pattern and behaviour of gully erosion in Shiwaliks of lower Himalayas Manmohan Jit Singh, Surinder Singh Kukal, Naveen Gupta, pp. 98-100.
Link Phosphorus behaviour in sediments from a small agricultural watershed under oxic and anoxic conditions Danilo Rheinheimer Dos Santos, Maria Alice Santanna, Ricardo Schenato, Joao Kaminski, Jaderson Dos Anjos, Tales Tiecher, pp. 101-104.
Link Phosphorus persistence in runoff from an Ultisol amended with dairy manure sludge David Sotomayor, Gerson Ardila, Gustavo Martinez, Luis Perez-alegria, pp. 105-108.
Link Processes of P Mobility from Fitzgerald River Catchment Following Application of Different P Rates Rajesh Sharma, Richard Bell, M.T.F. Wong, pp. 109-112.
Link Recovering soil structure by management practices in a sandy clay loam Acrisol degraded by agricultural use Fabiane Vezzani, Joao Mielniczuk, pp. 113-116.
Link Relationships between soil properties, erodibility and hillslope features in Central Apennines, Southern Italy Claudio Colombo, Giuseppe Palumbo, Pietro Aucelli, Angelo De angelis, Carmen Rosskopf, pp. 117-120.
Link Removal of salts by Atriplex nummularia depending on soil moisture Edivan Rodrigues de Souza, Maria Betania Galvao dos Santos Freire, Heitor Henrique Felix Duarte, Fernando Jose Freire, pp. 121-123.
Link Research on the Relative Yields as Affected by Soil Moisture and Maize Planting Density Yuanliang Shi, Lingli Wang, Yi Sun, Jing Wang, pp. 124-127.
Link Runoff and water quality from steep hills in south-eastern Australia Malcolm Mccaskill, Zhongnan Nie, Reto Zollinger, David Nash, pp. 128-131.
Link Sediment control practices in sloping highland fields in Korea Joongdae Choi, Hyung-jin Lee, Su-young Park, Cheol-hee Won, Yong-Hun Choi, Kyong-jae Lim, pp. 132-135.
Link Soil carbon reservoirs at high grassland ecosystems in the Andean plateau of Apolobamba (Bolivia) M.A. Munoz, A. Faz, pp. 136-139.
Link Soil erosion assessment and monitoring by using ImpelERO model in east Azerbaijan province, Iran Farzin Shahbazi, Ali asghar Jafarzadeh, Diego De La Rosa, Maria Anaya-Romero, pp. 140-143.
Link Soil fertility management options in Sweetpotato based cropping systems in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea Debbie Kapal, Issac Taraken, William Sirabis, pp. 144-146.
Link Soil physical attributes induced by crop sequence under no-tillage system in tropical region with warm and dry winter Jose Cora, Getulio Seben Jr, Carolina Fernandes, Adolfo Marcelo, Marcio Martins, pp. 147-149.
Link Soil porosity affected by cattle trampling in highland agriculture of Northern Mexico Jose l. Gonzalez-Barrios, Eduardo Chavez Ramirez, Luc Descroix, Ignacio Sanchez-Cohen, Guillermo Gonzalez-Cervantes, Armando Lopez-Santos, pp. 150-153.
Link Status and soil management problems of highland agriculture of the main mountainous region in the South Korea G. J. Lee, J. T. Lee, J. S. Ryu, S. W. Hwang, J. E. Yang, J. H. Joo, Y. S. Jung, pp. 154-157.
Link Phosphorus transport through surface runoff and sub-surface drainage from regular free drainage and controlled drainage with sub-irrigation systems in corn and soybean production Chin Tan, Tiequan Zhang, pp. 158-160.
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Symposium 3.2.2 Improved water and soil management using lysimeters

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Symposium 3.3.1 Integrated nutrient management

Link 15N aided studies on Legume Nitrogen fixation in Tista Meander Floodplain soils of Bangladesh M.E. Haque and M.A. Sattar,pp.1-4.
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Symposium 3.3.2 Molecular biology and optimizing crop nutrition

Link Ability of nitrogen and phosphorus assimilation of seven strawberry cultivars in a northern Atlantic coastal soil Hong Li, Ruiping Huang, Tingxian Li, Kelin Hu, pp. 1-4.
Link Can aluminium resistance and nitrogen utilization of rice be enhanced simultaneously in acidic soils? Xue Qiang Zhao, Ren Fang Shen, pp. 5-8.
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Link Optimisation of nutrient transport processes by plants -boron transport as an example Toru Fujiwara, Mayuki Tanaka, Kyoko Miwa, pp. 26-29.


Symposium 3.4.2 Management of water runoff from construction sites

Link Adsorption properties of modified natural materials for the removal of perfluorochemicals in AFFF wastewater Venkata Kambala, Fang Han, Thangavadivel Kandasamy, Ravi Naidu, pp. 1-3.
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Link The chemical link of forest and sea by river: materials supply from land-used soil and transport by river with reference to fulvic-Fe complex Rika Fujiyama, Hiroshi Takeda, Yuuki Yazawa, pp. 25-28.


Symposium 3.5.1 Heavy metal contaminated soils

Link Adsorption and leaching of aromatic arsenicals in Japanese agricultural soils Yuji Maejima, Hirotatsu Murano, Takashi Iwafune, Tomohito Arao, Koji Baba, pp. 1-4.
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