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It can take more than 1000 years to form a centimeter of topsoil.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

Symposium 2.1.1 - Symposium 2.5.2

Symposium 2.1.1 Optimizing water use with soil physics

Link A variation of the Field Capacity (FC) definition and a FC database for Brazilian soils Theophilo Ottoni Filho, Marta Ottoni, pp. 1-4.
Link An evaluation of plant available water during reclamation of saline soils: Laboratory and field approachesNang Nguyen, Cameron Grant, Robert Murray, pp. 5-8.
Link Analytical Solution for Drainage from a Uniformly Wetted Deep Soil Profile John H Knight, Freeman J Cook, pp. 9-12.
Link Application of GPR ground wave for mapping of spatiotemporal variations in the surface moisture content at a natural field siteBaby Pallavi, Hirotaka Saito, Makoto Kato, pp. 13-16.
Link Assessment of Soil-Amendment Mixtures for Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems Andreas Schwen, Willibald Loiskandl, pp. 17-19.
Link Calculation of Canopy Resistance with a Recursive Evapotranspiration Model Robert Lascano, Steven Evett, pp. 20-23.
Link Contribution of stony phase in hydric properties of soilsMarion Tetegan, Isabelle Cousin, Alain Bouthier, Bernard Nicoullaud, pp. 24-26.
Link Deep drainage in a Vertosol under irrigated cotton Anthony Ringrose-Voase, Tony Nadelko, pp. 27-30.
Link Determination of Irrigation Depths Using a Numerical Model and Quantitative Weather Forecast Haruyuki Fujimaki, Yu Sasaki, pp. 31-34.
Link Development of preferential flow below a soil moisture thresholdMarcus Hardie, Richard Doyle William Cotching, Shaun Lisson, pp. 35-37.
Link Differences in topsoil properties of a sandy loam soil under different tillage treatmentsKamila Spongrova, Svatopluk Matula, Cedric Kechavarzi, Marc Dresser, pp. 38-41.
Link Drip Irrigation as a Sustainable Practice under Shallow Groundwater ConditionsJan Hopmans, Blaine, Hanson, Don May, Jirka Simunek, pp. 42-45.
Link Effect of land use on the soil physical properties and water budget in a small water shed in NE, Thailand Siwaporn Siltecho, Claude Hammecker, Vichai Sriboonlue, Jean Luc Maeght, Vidhaya Trelo-ges, pp. 46-49.
Link Effect of leaching on hydrophobicity and infiltration into a texture contrast soilMarcus Hardie, William Cotching, Richard Doyle, Shaun Lisson, pp. 50-53.
Link Electrical Conductivity and Nitrate Concentrations in an Andisol Field using Time Domain Reflectometry Teruhito Miyamoto, Koji Kameyama, Yoshiyuki Shinogi, pp. 54-57.
Link Estimating hysteretic soil-water retention curves in hydrophobic soil by a mini tensiometer-TDR coil probe Anurudda Karunarathna, Tshering Chhoden, Ken Kawamoto, Toshiko Komatsu, Per Moldrup, Lis Wollesen de Jonge, pp. 58-61.
Link Estimating Unsaturated Hydraulic Conductivity from Air PermeabilityMahammad Reza Neyshabouri, Seyed Reza Rafiee Alavi, Hosein Rezaaei, Amir Hosein Nazemi, pp. 62-65.
Link Estimation of crop losses associated with soil water repellencyin horticultural cropsMica McMillan, David Bell, Stanley Kostka, Nick Gadd, pp. 66-68.
Link Evaluating the Scale Dependency of Measured Hydraulic Conductivity Using Double-ring Infiltrometers and Numerical SimulationLi Ren, JianBin Lai, pp. 69-72.
Link Evaluation of conservation tillage by means of physical soil quality indicatorsJan Vermang, Hannah Desauw, Wim M. Cornelis, Donald Gabriels, pp. 73-76.
Link Field-scale Bromide Transport as a Function of Rainfall Amount, Intensity and Application Time Delay Ole Wendroth, Vicente Vasquez, pp. 77-80.
Link Green, blue and grey waters: Minimising the footprint using soil physics Brent Clothier, Steve Green, Marks Deurer, pp. 81-84.
Link Hydrological and erosional responses in woody plant encroachment areas of semi-arid south�eastern Australia Carlos Munoz-Robles, Matthew Tighe, Nick Reid, Sue V. Briggs, Brian Wilson, pp. 85-88.
Link Hydro-pedotransfer functions for predicting the effective annual capillary riseGerd Wessolek, Klaus Bohne, Wim Duijnisveld, Steffen Trinks, pp. 89-92.
Link Impact of conservation agriculture on runoff, soil loss and crop yield on a Vertisol in the northern Ethiopian highlands Tesfay Araya, Wim M. Cornelis, Jan Nyssen, Bram Govaerts, Tewodros Gebregziabher, Tigist Oicha, Fekadu Getnet, Dirk Raes, Mitiku Haile, Ken D. Saire, Jozef Deckers, pp. 93-96.
Link Impacts of Sodic Soil Amelioration on Deep Drainage Lucy Reading, David Lockington, Keith Bristow, Thomas Baumgartl, pp. 97-100.
Link In situ soil water repellency is affected by soil water potential rather than by water content as revealed by periodic field observations on a hill slope in a Japanese humid-temperate forestMasako Kajiura, Takeshi Tange, pp. 101-104.
Link Increases in Available Water Content of Soils by Applying Bagasse-charcoals Koji Kameyama, Teruhito Miyamoto, Yoshiyuki Shinogi,pp. 105-108.
Link Late season sugarcane performance as affected by soil water regime at the yield formation stage on commercial farms in northern Ivory CoastCrepin B. Pene, Marco H. Ouattara, Sylvain G. Koulibaly,pp. 109-112.
Link Modeling of coupled water and heat fluxes in both unfrozen and frozen soils Ying Zhao, Rainer Horn, Stephan Peth, pp. 113-116.
Link Multi-TDR probe designed for measuring soil moisture distribution near the soil surface Yuji Ito, Jiro Chikushi, Hideki Miyamoto, pp. 117-120.
Link Numerical Analysis of Coupled Liquid Water, Water Vapor, and Heat Transport in a Sandy Loam SoilSanjit K Deb, Manoj K Shukla, Parmodh Sharma, pp. 121-124.
Link Numerical evaluation of inverse modelling methods for 1D and 3D water infiltration experimentsLaurent Lassabatere, Deniz Yilmaz, Rafael Angulo-Jaramillo, Jose Miguel Soria Ugalde, Isabelle Braud, Jirka Simunek, pp. 125-128.
Link Optimizing Water Use with High-Transpiration-Efficiency Plants Prasanna Ayyaru Thevar, Mary-Beth Kirkham, Robert M. Aiken, Kenneth D. Kofoid, Zhanguo Xin,pp. 129-132.
Link Plant available water capacity of dryland cropping soils in the south-eastern Australia Abdur Rab, Peter Fisher, Nathan Robinson, Matt Kitching, Colin Aumann, Mark Imhof, Subhash Chandra, pp. 133-136.
Link Raised beds in South West Victoria: Pore structure dynamics deliver increased plant available water in sub-optimal rainfall yearsRenick Peries, Abdur Rab, Chris Bluett,pp. 137-140.
Link Rapid estimation of soil water retention functions Peter Fisher, Colin Aumann, Jasper Vrugt, Jan Hopmans, Abdur Rab, Matt Kitching, Nathan Robinson, pp. 141-144.
Link Seasonal variability of soil structure and soil hydraulic propertiesVeronika Jirku, Radka Kodesova, Marcela Muhlhanselova, Anna Zigova, pp. 145-148.
Link Short-term effects of conservation tillage on soil (Vertisol) and crop (tef, Eragrostis tef) attributes in the northern Ethiopian highlandsTigist Oicha, Wim M. Cornelis, Hubert Verplancke, Jan Nyssen, Bram Govaerts, Mintesinot Behailu, Mitiku Haile, Jozef Deckers, pp. 149-152.
Link Siberian Wildrye Grass Yield and Water Use Response to Single Irrigation Time in the Semiarid Agropastoral Ecotone of North ChinaHao Wang, Zizhong Li, Yuanshi Gong, Weihua Zhang, pp. 153-156.
Link Influence of Soil Profile Characteristics on the Efficiency of Water Management Practice in Northeast FloridaRao Mylavarapu, Subodh Acharya, Rao Mylavarapu, pp. 157-160.
Link Soil resistance to penetration under the dynamic and predictive perspective of restriction to crop yield Paulo Ivonir Gubiani, Jose Miguel Reichert, Dalvan Jose Reinert, Neiva Somavilla Gelain, pp. 161-164.
Link Subsoil manuring with different organic manures increased canola yield in a dry spring Jaikirat Singh Gill, James Byrne, Peter Sale, Caxian Tang, pp. 165-168.
Link The effect of drip emitter rate on bromide movement in a drip irrigated vineyard Jonathan Holland, Philip Charlton, pp. 169-172.
Link The effect of tillage and nitrogen application on soil water retention, hydraulic conductivity and bulk density at Loskop, KwaZulu-Natal, South AfricaTerri Bassett, Louis Titshall, Jeffrey Hughes, Guy Thibaud, pp. 173-176.
Link The matric flux potential as a measure of plant-available water in soils restricted by hydraulic properties alone Cameron Grant, Pieter Groenevelt, Neville Robinson, Sukhpal Chahal, pp. 177-178.
Link The relationship between field soil water content variability and soil moisture deficit prediction from meteorological data Anthony Kerebel, Rachel Cassidy, Phil Jordan, Nicholas M. Holden, pp. 179-181.
Link Toward improving estimates of field soil water capacity from laboratory-measured soil properties Attila Nemes, Yakov Pachepsky, Dennis Timlin,pp. 182-185.
Link Use of simulation modeling and pedotransfer functions to evaluate different irrigation scheduling scenarios in a heterogeneous fieldAttila Nemes, Erik Czinege, Csilla Farkas, pp. 186-189.
Link Visualising and quantifying rhizosphere processes: root-soil contact and water uptake Sonja Schmidt, Peter J. Gregory, A. Glyn Bengough, Dmitri V. Grinev, Iain M. Young, pp. 190-193.
Link Water exchange between the fine earth and pebbles in remoulded soil samplesMarion Tetegan, Nathalie Korboulewsky, Alain Bouthier, Isabelle Cousin, pp. 194-196.
Link Water retention estimation and plant availability for subtropical Brazilian soils Jose Miguel Reichert, Jackson Adriano Albuquerque, Dalvan Jose Reinert, Douglas Rodrigo Kaiser, pp. 197-200
Link What are the chances of successfully replacing buffel grass with native plant communities in central Queensland's coal mine rehabilitation sites?Hendry Baiquni, Thomas Baumgartl, David Mulligan, David Doley, pp. 201-204
Link Efficiency assessment of runoff harvesting techniques using a 3D coupled surface-subsurface hydrological model. K. Verbist, W.M. Cornelis, R. McLaren, D. Gabriels, G. Soto


Symposium 2.1.2 The physics of soil pore strucuture dynamics

Link 3-D pore geometry as a function of rock weathering: a CT-analysisRanjith Udawatta, Clark Gantzer, Stephen Anderson, Ann Rossi, Robert Graham, Richard Ketcham, pp. 1-4.
Link Aggregation and morphological properties of a degraded Oxisol receiving organic amendmentsMarlene Cristina Alves, Joann K Whalen, Ricardo Antonio Ferreira Rodrigues, Debora de Cassia Marchini, pp. 5-8.
Link Can micromorphological characteristics predict infiltration and sediment generation properties of degraded rangeland soils of north-eastern Queensland?Christian Roth, Louis-Marie Bre sson, pp. 9-12.
Link CT-Measured Macropore Parameters for Estimating Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity at Four Study Sites Stephen Anderson, Ranjith Udawatta, Sandeep Kumar, Clark Gantzer, Achmad Rachman,pp. 13-16.
Link Dynamics of soil pore space structure investigated by X-ray microtomographyStephan Peth, Jens Nellesen, Gottfried Fischer, Felix Beckmann, Rainer Horn, pp. 17-20.
Link Dynamics of Soil Structure as a Function of Hydraulic and Mechanical StressesXinhua Peng, Jose Doerner, Rainer Horn, pp. 21-24.
Link Effect of Land Use Changes on the Dynamic Behaviour of Structure Dependent Properties of an Andisol in Southern ChileJose Dorner, Dorota Dec, Rainer Horn, Xinhua Peng, pp. 25-28.
Link Effects of soil slaking and sealing on infiltration � experiments and model approachJuergen Schmidt, pp. 29-32.
Link Hydrodynamic behaviour of Segura River basin soils: Effects of texture and moisture contents Antonio Sanchez Navarro , Purificacion Marin Sanleandro, Maria Jose Delgado Iniesta, Maria Garcia Gonzalez, Arantzazu Blanco Bernardeau, Juana Maria Gil Vazquez, Roque Ortiz Silla, pp. 33-36.
Link Image analysis of differently managed clayey surface soils of Finland Kimmo Rasa, Thilo Eickhorst, Markku Yli-Halla, Rolf Tippkotter, pp. 37-40.
Link Insights into the processes and effects of root-induced changes to soil hydraulic propertiesCraig Scanlan, Christoph Hinz, pp. 41-44.
Link Least limiting water range and S index to evaluate some soil physical quality in the northeast BrazilVirginia Pires Pereira, Maria Eugenia Ortiz-Escobar, Genelicio Crusue Rocha, Teogenes Senna de Oliveira, pp. 45-48.
Link Measurement of gas transport parameters for final cover soil at Maharagama landfill in Sri Lanka Praneeth Wickramarachchi, Kaushalya Ranasinghe, Udeni P. Nawagamuwa, Ken Kawamoto, Shoichiro Hamamoto, Per Moldrup, Toshiko Komatsu, pp. 49-52.
Link Mobilization and transport of natural and water dispersible colloids in repacked Okinawa red-yellow soil columns Anu Sharma, Taiki Hirata, Ken Kawamoto, Chamindu Deepagoda T.K.K., Per Moldrup, Toshiko Komatsu, pp. 53-56.
Link Multifractal characterization of pore size distributions measures by mercury intrusion porosimetry Eva Vidal Vazquez, R. Garcia Moreno, Ana Maria Tarquis, Antonio Saa Requejo, Jose Manuel Miras-Avalos, Jorge Paz-Ferreiro, pp. 57-60.
Link Pore rigidity in structured soils � only a theoretical boundary condition for hydraulic properties? Rainer Horn, Stephan Peth, T. Baumgartl, Stephen Gebhardt, Heiner Fleige, J. Doerner, XH. Peng, pp. 61-64.
Link Rheological Investigations of Rothamsted Soils: Long-term Effects of Fertilizing Systems on Soil Microstructure Wibke Markgraf, Chris Watts, Richard Whalley, Rainer Horn, pp. 65-68.
Link Simulation of Br Movement in Disturbed Columns of Soil by HYDRUS-ID Model Mojtaba Kord, Leila Derakhshan , Arash Akhavan, Hamidreza memarian, pp. 69-70.
Link Soil erosion characteristics under rainfall simulator conditions of the Jeju soil in Korea Ho-Jun Kang, Shin-chan Lee, Sang-Ho Yang, Sang-Soon Lee, Seong-Jun Koh, Sang-Keon Ha, Seung-Oh Hur, pp. 71-74
Link Soil permeability as affected by repulsive potential energy Munehide Ishiguro, pp. 75-78.
Link Soil water retention under drying process in a soil amended with composted and thermally dried sewage sludges Gerardo Ojeda, Josep Maria Alcaniz, pp. 79-82.
Link Spatial and Temporal Changes of Soil�s Physical Properties of an Andisol in Southern Chile as a Consequence of Grazing and Wetting and Drying cyclesDorota Dec, Jose Dorner, Oscar Balocchi, pp. 83-86.
Link Study of the effects of structure on soil aggregate stability using a 3D network modelNicola Dal Ferro, Antonio Berti, Peter Matthews, Luigi Giardini, Francesco Morari, pp. 87-89.
Link Suitability of electro-remediation for clean-up of PAH-contaminated clays Ana T. Lima, J.P.Gustav Loch, Katja Heister, pp. 90-93.
Link The dynamics of aggregate breakdown as a function of dispersive energy ZhaoLong Zhu, Damien Field, Budiman Minasny, pp. 94-97.
Link The Effect of Time-Variable Soil Hydraulic Properties in Soil Water Simulations Andreas Schwen, Gernot Bodner, Willibald Loiskandl, pp. 98-101.
Link The impact of orchard management on macro-pore topology and functionMarkus Deurer, Dimitri Grinev, Ian Young, Brent Clothier, Karin Mueller, pp. 102-105.
Link The impact of soil water content and water temperature on wet aggregate stability. What answer do you want? Nelly Blair, pp. 106-109.
Link The rheology of rhizosphere formation by root exudates and soil microbesPaul Hallett, Sandra Caul, Tim Daniell, Pierre Barre, Eric Paterson, pp. 110-112.
Link Tillage Effects on Bulk Density and Hydraulic Properties of a Sandy Loam Soil in the Mon-Dak Region, USA Jay Jabro, William Stevens, Wililam Iversen, Robert Evans, pp. 113-116.
Link Using the dye tracer experiment for characterisation of parameters of the dual-permeability model Radka Kodesova, Karel Nemecek, Veronika Jirku, Antonin Nikodem, Miroslav Fer, Ondrej Jaksik, Martin Kocarek, Anna Zigova, pp. 117-120.
Link Elution Patterns and Distribution of Salts by Flooding Conditions in Newly Reclaimed Saemangum Tidal Soil Amended with Porous MediaRyu JH, Yang CH, Kim TK, Lee SB, Kim S, Choi WY, Baek NH, Kim SJ, Chung DY, pp. 121-123.


Symposium 2.2.1 Biogeochemical interfaces in soils

Link A study of adsorption of simple organic molecules onto inorganic soil components using DRIFTS Joan Thomas, Michael Kelley, pp.1-4.
Link Admixture of Alnus subcordata with Populus euramericana Improved Soil Nitrogen Ehsan Sayad, pp.5-8.
Link Biochar additions to soil change microbial community structure and decreased microbial biomass carbon and net inorganic nitrogen mineralised Daniel Dempster, Deirdre Gleeson, Zakaria Solaiman, David Jones, Daniel Murphy, pp.9-12.
Link Biomolecular complexation affects microbial adhesion to iron (oxyhdr)oxides Jon Chorover, Xiaodong Gao, pp.13-16.
Link Cadmium and Zinc Concentrations in the Soils of the Oil Palm Plantations from Long Term Application of Phosphate Rock Fauziah Ishak, Aini Ali, Samsuri Abdul Wahid, pp.17-19.
Link The thermodynamics stability of soil humic and fulvic acids Sen Dou, Yves Tardy, Jinjing Zhang, Kai Li, pp.20-23.
Link Contribution of the carboxyl group of acetate to the 14C-containing gas production in agricultural soils Nobuyoshi Ishii, Hiroyuki Koiso, Shigeo Uchida, pp.24-26.
Link Depth profiling of soil clay-xanthan complexes using step-scan mid-infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy Du Changwen, Zhou Guiqin, Wang Huoyan, Chen Xiaoqin, Zhou Jainmin, pp.27-30.
Link Development of a method for sequential extraction of Si-pools from soils Anna Danilova, Daniela Sauer, Joern Breuer, Ludger Herrmann, Mehdi Zarei, Karl Stahr, pp.31-34.
Link Development of an analytical methodology for ultra-trace selenium speciation determination in soils Julie Tolu, Isabelle Le Hecho, Maite Bueno, Yves Thiry, Martine Potin-Gautier, pp.35-38.
Link Distribution of a nonylphenol isomer and the herbicide MCPA in soil derived organo-clay complexes Timm Klausmeyer, Patrick Riefer, Andreas Schaffer, Jan Schwarzbauer, Burkhard Schmidt, pp.39-41.
Link Distribution of silicon in soils and sediments of a small catchment area: similarities and differences Petra Tallberg, Maria Lehtimaki, Virpi Siipola, pp.42-45.
Link Distributions of soil phosphorus in China's densely populated village landscapes Linzhang Yang, pp.46-49.
Link Diurnal and seasonal greenhouse gases exchange in a salt marsh in central Japan Kosuke Noborio, Ken-Ichi Inagaki, pp.50-53.
Link Effect of different cation saturations on the sorption and mineralization of the hydrophobic organic compounds nonylphenol and phenanthrene in soils Bernd Marschner, Anastasia Shchegolikhina, pp.54-57.
Link Effect of nutrient cycle by different thinning practice in temperate forest Po-Neng Chiang, Jui-Ju Yu, Ya-Nan Wang, Yu-Min Tzou, pp.58-61.
Link Effect of tillage systems on soil aggregation and hydraulic properties in SW Spain Rosa Lopez-Garrido, Maria V. Lopez, Sebastiana Melero, Jose M. Murillo, Ignacio Giron, Engracia Madejon, Felix Moreno, pp.62-65.
Link Experiments and Modeling of Electron-Transfer of DIRB James Kubicki, Brendan Puls, Yufeng Qian, Ming Tien, pp.66-69.
Link Ferrihydrite enhances phenanthrene sorption to artificial soils Geertje Pronk, Katja Heister, Ingrid Kogel-Knabner, pp.70-73.
Link Formation of biogeochemical interfaces in soils as controlled by mineral and organic components Ingrid Kogel-Knabner, Guo-Chun Ding, Katja Heister, Geertje J. Pronk, Gabriele E. Schaumann, Michael Schloter, Stephan Schulz , Jette Schwarz, Kornelia Smalla, pp.74-77.
Link Formation of clay pans in south-west Queensland, AustraliaKristie Williams, Andrew Biggs, pp.78-81.
Link Formation of iron plaques and vivianite on the roots of paddy rice Masami Nanzyo, Hidenori Yaginuma, Hitoshi Kanno, Tadashi Takahashi, pp.82-85.
Link Formation of soil geochemical anomalies by plant uptake of trace elements Andrew Rate, Yamin Ma, pp.86-89.
Link Forms and characteristics of insoluble Fe-humic substances used for Fe nutrition of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Claudio Colombo, Giuseppe Palumbo, Vincenzo Michele Sellitto, Cinzia Rizzardo, N Tomasi, R Pinton, Stefano Cesco, pp.90-93.
Link From Atom to Pedon: Linking Processes to Phenomena and Function Kai Uwe Totsche, pp.94-97.
Link From Gene to Model -- Linking Microorganisms to Microhabitat Functions Ellen Kandeler, Christian Poll, Holger Pagel, Fabrice Martin-Laurent, Marion Devers, Joachim Ingwersen, Thilo Streck, pp.98-101.
Link Geochemistry and mineralogy of volcanic soils from Ocean Fogo island (Cape Verde) Rosa Marques, Maria Isabel Prudencio, Fernando Rocha, Eduardo Ferreira Silva, pp.102-105.
Link Geochemistry, mineralogy and micropaleontoly of a pedogenic calcrete profile (Slimene, NE Tunisia) Maria Isabel Prud�ncio, Francisco Ruiz, Maria Isabel Dias, Rosa Marques, Joao Carlos Waerenborgh, Maria Jose Trindade, Manuel Abad, Dulce Franco, pp.106-109.
Link Influence of temperature on solutes release from organic horizons in Siberian permafrost terrain Masayuki Kawahigashi, Anatoly Prokushikin, Akira Noguchi, Isao Hasegawa, Hiroaki Sumida, pp.110-113.
Link Influences of Applying Biosolids on the Characteristics of Five Alkaline Soil Series and Biomass of Switchgrass Hung-Yu Lai, Liang-Ying Lin, Cheng-Tai Fu, Kai-Wei Juang, Bo-Ching Chen, pp.114-116.
Link Interactions of organic pollutants with soil components investigated by means of molecular modelling Martin Gerzabek, Daniel Tunega, Adelia Aquino, Hasan Pasalic, Georg Haberhauer, Hans Lischka, pp.117-120.
Link Investigating phosphate sorption reactions in acid soils through solution, NMR, and L- and K-edge XANES analyses Cassandra Schefe, Peter Kappen, Lucia Zuin, Paul Pigram, John Gehman, Simone Rochfort, Simon Ovenden, pp.121-124.
Link Iodine sorption and its chemical form in the soil-soil solution system in Japanese agricultural fields Nao Ishikawa, Shigeo Uchida, Keiko Tagami, pp.125-128.
Link Isotopic Exchange Kinetics of Soil P Under Pinus radiata and Lucerne Understorey John Scott, Leo Condron, pp.129-132.
Link Liming and acidification kinetics of some acid, neutral and alkaline soils Arturo Aguirre-Gomez, Frida Leon-Rodriguez, Armando Aguilar-Marquez, pp.133-136.
Link Linkage and structure elucidation of non-extractable NP and MCPA residues in organo-clay complexes Patrick Riefer, Timm Klausmeyer, Alina Adams, Burkhard Schmidt, Jan Schwarzbauer, Andreas Schaffer, pp.137-140.
Link Litter effects on N dynamics and potential leaching in acid grassland soils Muhammad Riaz, Ishaq A. Mian, Malcolm S. Cresser, pp.141-144.
Link Mechanisms controlling dynamics at the soil-water interface Doerte Diehl, Gabriele E. Schaumann, pp.145-148.
Link Method for water extractable phosphorous in saline-sodic soils Jessica Drake, Lorna Fitzsimons, Ben Macdonald, John Field, Emlyn Williams, Richard Greene, pp.149-152.
Link Microbial Dynamics in Soils under Long-term Glyphosate Tolerant Cropping Systems Richard Dick, Niocla Lorenz, Michal Wojno, Matt Lane, pp.153-156.
Link Multivariate evaluation by microbiological indicators of winter-summer crop rotation and no-tillage system in Oxisol (Brazil) Clovis Daniel Borges Jose Eduardo Cora, Ely Nahas, pp.157-159.
Link Nickel Speciation in Serpentine Soils using Synchrotron Radiation Techniques Matthew Siebecker, Donald L. Sparks, pp.160-162.
Link Nitrate reduction in the interactive reaction system of L17 and soil minerals Tong-Xu Liu, Xiao-min Li, Fang-bai Li, pp.163-166.
Link Phenolic compounds in NaOH extracts of UK soils and their contribution to antioxidant capacity David Rimmer, Geoffrey Abbott, pp.167-170.
Link Phosphate Dissolution Caused by Bioreduction of Poorly Crystalline Al(III)/Fe(III) Hydroxide Coprecipiteted Minerals Yu-Ting Liu, Dean Hesterberg, pp.171-174.
Link Restructuring of biogeochemical interfaces: Role of cations and heat treatment Gabriele E. Schaumann, Dorte Diehl, Jette Schwarz, Julia V. Bayer, Jorg Bachmann, Susanne K. Woche, Marc-Oliver Gobel, Bernd Marschner, Anastasia Shchegolikhina, Friederike Lang, Jaane Kr�ger, Soren Thiele-Bruhn, Tatjana Schneckenburger, pp.175-178.
Link Retention of Sodium Cations in Nanopores and Its Implications to Sodic Soils Cristian P. Schulthess, Daniel R. Ferreira, pp.179-182.
Link Sensitive analysis of poly-carboxylic acids in soil solution by capillary electrophoresis after excimer-forming fluorescence derivatizationNaoki Moritsuka, Deri Tomos, Davey Jones, Guy Kirk, pp.183-186.
Link Soil microbial ecology of laurel-leaved and Cryptomeria japonica forests assessed by dilution plate count and direct microscopic count methodsAyuko Itsuki, Sachiyo Aburatani, Shinjiro Kanazawa, pp.187-190.
Link Spectroscopic studies of ternary interactions in an oocyst-surfactant-hematite system Xiaodong Gao, Jon Chorover, pp.191-194.
Link The biogeochemistry of Sphagnum mosses - the effects of substrate source on their phenolic composition Geoffrey D. Abbott, Aminu Muhammad, Lisa Belyea, Chris Laing, Greg L. Cowie, pp.195-197.
Link The Isolation and Characterization of Humic Substances and Humin from Grey Brown Podzolic and Gley Grassland Soils Michael H.B. Hayes, Roger S. Swift, Corinna M. Byrne, Andre J. Simpson, pp.198-201.
Link The mobility and persistence of the insecticidal Cry1Aa toxin, Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) in soils Nordine Helassa, Sylvie Noinville, Philippe Dejardin, Herve Quiquampoix, Siobhan Staunton, pp.202-205.
Link Topography and surface properties of clay minerals analyzed by atomic force microscopy Felix Macht, Kai Uwe Totsche, Karin Eusterhues, Geertje Pronk, pp.206-209.
Link Tracing impact of pedogenic processes on soil solutions with Si and Mg isotopes Sophie Opfergelt, R. Bastian Georg, Kevin W. Burton, Rannveig Guicharnaud, Sigurdur R. Gislason, Alex N. Halliday, pp.210-213.
Link Use of elemental and isotopic ratios to distinguish between lithogenic and biogenic sources of soil mineral nutrients Art White, Marjorie Schulz, Thomas Bullen, John Fitzpatrick, Davison Vivit, Rand Evett, Edward Tipper, pp.214-217.
Link Spatial Variability of Soil Nutrients and Microbial Biomass of Moso Bamboo Forest under Different Management Types Shunbao Lu, Xiaomin Guo, Dekui Niu, Dongnan Hu, Tianzhen Du, pp.218-222.


Symposium 2.2.2 Dynamics of organic material in soils

Link Accumulation of zinc, copper and manganese in soil fertilized with pig manure and urea in southern state of Santa CatarinaDenilson Dortzbach, Cristiane M. Leis, Jucinei J. Comin, Paulo Belli Filho, Marcos G. Pereira, pp.1-4.
Link Aerobic decomposition and organic amendments effects on grain yield of triple-cropped rice in the Mekong Delta, VietnamGuong Vo Thi, Nguyen Huynh Dao, Linh Ba Tran, Roel Merckx, Dan Olk, pp.5-7.
Link An assessment of the health and ecological risk profiles of Sanjeevak and its fertilizing effect on cucumber biomass productionRichard Orendo Smith, Andrei Rozanov, Tarak Kate, pp.8-10.
Link Modern isotopic methods to investigate the fate and provenance of C sequestered into soils from livestock derived organic matterJennifer Dungait, Roland Bol, I.D. Bull, David Chadwick, Wulf Amelung, S. Granger, Richard Evershed,pp.11-12.
Link Assessment of an automated method for determining particulate organic carbon in soil Athina Massis, Steve Szarvas, Bruce Hawke, Jeff Baldock,pp.13-15.
Link Baseline organic carbon stocks of Rwandan topsoils Ann Verdoodt, Geert Baert, Eric Van Ranst,pp.16-19.
Link Biochar-Ion Interactions: An Investigation of Biochar charge and its effect on ion retentionDavid Waters, Jason Condon, Lukas Van Zwieten, Sergio Moroni,pp.20-23.
Link Biophysical controls over mineralization and sequestration of amended organic carbon in soil: effects of intensity and frequency of drying and wetting cyclesShuiHong Yao, Bin Zhang, Feng Hu,pp.24-27.
Link Can cell wall network explain crop residue decomposition and soil organic matter dynamic? A new insight into residue qualityBertrand Isabelle, Machinet Erwan Gaylord, Barriere Yves, Chabbert Brigitte, Recous Sylvie, pp.28-31.
Link Can organic amendments be used to improve the properties of bauxite processing residue sand?Benjamin Jones, Richard Haynes, Ian Phillips,pp.32-35.
Link Changes of nitrogen forms in a calcareous soil exposed to elevated CO2 with two atmospheric temperature levels Gholam Hosian Haghnia, Amir Lakzian, Akram Halajnia, Atefeh Ramezanian,pp.36-38.
Link Characterization of almond orchards to assess soil fertility and organic matter dynamics to improve soil conditions by using organic amendmentsSara G. Dominguez, Angel Faz, Raul Zornoza,pp.39-42.
Link Chemical mechanisms of soil pH change by agricultural residues Clayton Butterly, Jeff Baldock, Caixian Tang,pp.43-46.
Link Composting green waste with other wastes to produce manufactured soilOxana Belyaeva, Richard Haynespp.47-50.
Link Crop production, nutrient recovery and hydrology following cattle feedlot manure application Kaara Klepper, Riaz Ahmad, Graeme Blairpp.51-54.
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Symposium 2.3.1 The soil-root interface

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Symposium 2.3.2 Gene expression and proteomics in soil

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Symposium 2.4.1 Soil minerals and sustainability

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Link Valley floor kaolinitic regolith in SW Australia that has been modified by groundwater Georgina Holbeche, Robert J Gilkes, Richard George, pp. 116-119.


Symposium 2.4.2 Soil minerals and contaminants

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