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Soil stores 10% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions.

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The International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) is the global union of soil scientists. The objectives of the IUSS are to promote all branches of soil science, and to support all soil scientists across the world in the pursuit of their activities. This website provides information for IUSS members and those interested in soil science.

Symposium 1.1.1. - 1.6.2

Symposium 1.1.1 Soil morphology and climate change

Link Active layer thermal monitoring at two ice-free areas of King George Island, Maritime Antarctica Roberto Michel, Carlos Schaefer, Felipe Simas, Everton Poelking, Elpidio Fernandes Filho, pp.1-4.
Link Application of distillery effluents to agricultural land: Is it a win-win option for soils and environment? Padmaja Karanam, HC Joshi, pp.5-8.
Link Carbon sequestration under different physiographic and climatic conditions in north Karaj river basin Ahmad Heidari, Athar Faghih, Manochehr Gorji, pp.9-11.
Link Changes in micromorphological features of semidesert soils in the southeast of European Russia upon the recent increase in climate moistening Marina Lebedeva, Mariya Konyushkova, pp.12-15.
Link Ferruginous paleosols around the K/T boundary in central-southern Sardinia (Italy): Their potential as pedostratigraphic marker Andrea Vacca, Concetta Ferrara, Ruggero Matteucci, Marco Murru, pp.16-19.
Link Global estimations of the inventory and mitigation potential of methane emissions from rice cultivation conducted using the 2006 IPCC Guidelines Xiaoyuan Yan, Hiroko Akiyama, Kazuyuki Yagi, pp.20-23.
Link Greywacke weathering under tropical climate: Chemical and mineralogical changes (example from central-Brazil) Edi Mendes Guimaraes, pp.24-27.
Link How the different tree species composition can alter throughfall, chemical properties of subsurface runoff and soil chemistry Jiri Kulhavy, Ladislav Mensik, Tomas Fabianek, Ida Drapelova, Michal Remes, pp.28-31.
Link Managing soil fertility to sustain crop production in the watershed in Senegal Mateugue Diack, Fary Diome, Khady Sow, pp.32-34.
Link On local changes of temperature regime of the soil-atmosphere system around Caspian Sea in 20 Century Akif Gerayzade, Kamale Babayeva, Arzu Mamafova, Alhan Sariyev, Ali Jafarov, pp.35-38.
Link Ornithogenic Cryosols from Ardley Island, Maritime Antarctica Roberto F. M. Michel, Carlos Ernesto G. R. Schaefer, Felipe N. Bello Simas, Daniel S. A. Barbosa, Samuel A. Oliveira, pp.39-42.
Link Response of pedogenesis to Holocene climate change in Southern Arabia Dana Pietsch, Peter Kuehn, pp.43-46.
Link Simulation of Br concentration profile in soil columns by HYDRUS-ID model Mojtaba Kord, Arash Akhavan masooleh, Hamidreza Koohestan Najafi, Rouhollah Amini, pp.47-48.
Link Soil carbon depth functions under different land uses in Tasmania Joshua Scandrett, Garth Oliver, Richard Doyle, pp.49-52.
Link Soil morphology adaptations to global warming in arid and semiarid ecosystems Curtis Monger, pp.53-55.
Link Sustainable production of grains in Amazonian floodplain Jose Ricardo Pupo Goncalves, Jose Roberto Antoniol Fontes, Ronaldo Ribeiro de Morais Maurisrael de Moura Rocha, Lauro Jose Moreira Guimaraes, pp.56-59.
Link The impact of free-air CO2 enrichment (FACE) on N leaching from paddy soil Xiaozhi Wang, Yuhua Shan, Wei Sun, Haitao Zhao, Ke Feng, Jianguo Zhu, pp.60-63.
Link The U.S. national cooperative soil characterization database Thomas Reinsch, Larry West, pp.64-67.
Link Evaluating the amount of carbonic greenhouse gasses (GHGes) emission from rice paddies Salede Esmizade, Ahmad Landi, A. Gilani, pp.68-70.


Symposium 1.1.2 Soil morphology and Environment Hazards

Link Andic soils and catastrophic mudflows in Italy: Morphological and hydropedological evidencesFabio Terribile, Michela Iamarino, Antonella Agrillo, Angelo Basile, Roberto De Mascellis, Giuliano Langella, Giacomo Mele, Antonio Mileti, Luciana Minieri, Pierpaolo Moretti, Simona Vingiani, pp. 1-4.
Link Impact of drainage on soil evolution: A morphological quantitative approach Cornu Sophie, Montagne David, Daroussin Joel, Cousin Isabelle, pp. 5-8.
Link Ischia landslides (Italy): A multidisciplinary approach aimed to increase knowledge of soil properties Simona Vingiani, Roberto De Mascellis, Giacomo Mele, Nadia Orefice, Luciana Minieri, Fabio Terribile, pp. 9-12.
Link Nutrient uptake responses of tropical turfgrass species to salinity stress Md. Kamal Uddin, Abdul Shukor Juraimi, Mohd. Razi Ismail, Radziah Othman, Anuar Abdul Rahim, pp. 13-16.
Link Soil morphologic indicators of environmental hazards linked to cosmic airburst Marie-Agnes Courty, Michel Fedoroff, pp. 17-20.
Link Technosols of Hope Bay, Antartic Peninsula: Century-old man made soils on former Ornithogenic environmentCarlos Schaefer, Thiago Pereira, Felipe Simas, Marcelo Guerra, Joao Ker, Ivan Carreiro Almeida, Edenir Pereira-Filho, pp. 21-24.
Link Transformation of vertical texture-contrasted soils due to accelerated erosion in young glacial landscapes, North-Eastern Poland Marcin Switoniak, pp. 25-28.


Symposium 1.2.1 Global soil spatial information systems

Link Ad hoc Working Group Soil in Germany Wolf Eckelmann, Members of the Ad hoc Working Group Soil, pp. 1-3.
Link Are global soil information systems adequate in forecasting impacts of global change? Vincent van Engelen, pp. 4-6.
Link Balanced micronutrient management for wheat using GIS techniques Ghorban Ali Roshani, Hezar Jaribi Abotaleb, pp. 7-8.
Link Delimitation of naturally handicapped areas due to their pedological features in Hungary according to common European biophysical criteria Laszlo Pasztor, Jozsef Szabo and Zsofia Bakacsi, pp. 9-12.
Link Development of China digital soil map at 1:50,000 scale W. L. Zhang, A. G. Xu, H. J. Ji, R. L. Zhang, Q. L. Lei, H. Z. Zhang, L. P. Zhao, H. Y. Long, pp. 13-16.
Link Effect of long term no tillage on the spatial variability of soybean and maize in Sao Paulo, Brazil Sidney Vieira, Sonia Dechen, Antonio Paz Gonzalez, pp. 17-20.
Link Optimal spatial scale determining the response of soil organic carbon to climate change using soil database of China Xue-Zheng Shi, Hong-jie Wang, Dan-dan Wang, Dong-sheng Yu, pp. 21-23.
Link Soil organic carbon density and storage in Tunisia Tahar Gallali, Nadhem Brahim, Martial Bernoux, pp. 24-27.
Link Soil-Geographic Database of Russia: Database Management System Soil-DB Sergey Shoba, Irina Alyabina, Varvara Kolesnikova, pp. 28-29.
Link Spatial distribution of clay by classic inference method (Geostatistic) Sergio Ricardo Rodrigues de Medeiros, Rubens Duarte Coelho, pp. 30-33.
Link The harmonized world soil database Freddy Nachtergaele, Harrij van Velthuizen, LucVerelst, Niels Batjes, Koos Dijkshoorn, Vincent van Engelen, Guenther Fischer, Arwyn Jones, Luca Montanarella, Monica Petri, Sylvia Prieler, Xuezheng Shi, Edmar Teixeira, David Wiberg, pp. 34-37.
Link VSIS an new system for Victorian Soil Data David Hunter, Steven Williams, Nathan Robinson, pp. 38-41.


Symposium 1.2.2 Soil geography and ecology

Link Characterization of four pioneering species from a Tropical Forest in the Pindorama Biologycal Reserve, Sao Paulo State, Brazil based on soil and Phytosociological attibutes Maria Teresa Vilela Nogueira Abdo, Sergio Valiengo Valeri, Antonio Sergio Ferraudo, pp. 1-4.
Link Effect of tree belt plantings on nematode communities in pastoral farming systemsChristine Fyfe, Paul Kristiansen, Brian Wilson, Kathy King, Nigel Andrew, pp. 5-8.
Link Floristic, Microclimatic, Pedological and Geomorphological Features of the Balinovac Doline on North Velebit (Croatia) Mirjana Vrbek, Nenad Buzjak, Suzana Buzjak, Boris Vrbek, pp. 9-11.
Link How does surface soil geomorphology and land-use influence the soil microbial ecosystems in south eastern Australia? Insights gained from DNA sequencing of the soil metagenome. Pauline Mele, Tim Sawbridge, Helen Hayden, Barbera Methe, Tim StockwellC, Cindi Pfannkoch, Matthew Lewis, David Tanenbaum, Doug Rusch, Karla Heidelberg, pp. 12-15.
Link How soil geographic databases and resource inventories have been used to better understand ecosystem functioning: an example from Australia Elisabeth Bui, pp. 16-19.
Link Implications of soil resources for vegetable crop options and agronomic practice for sustainable production � a comparison of Eastern Highlands and Central Provinces, Papua New Guinea Colin Birch, Leigh Sparrow, Richard Doyle, Laurie Bonney, pp. 20-23.
Link Nestedness analysis of land use change on pedodiversity under the intensive urbanization process Xuelei Zhang, Hui Wang, Guangping Xiao, pp. 24-27.
Link Net Nitrogen Mineralization and Nitrification at Different Landscape Positions in a Lowland Subtropical Rain Forest in Taiwan Chun-Chih Tsui, Zueng-Sang Chen, pp. 28-31.
Link Preparing a Soil Organic Carbon Inventory for the United States using Soil Surveys and Site Measurements: Why carbon stocks at depth are important Carolyn Olson, Sharon Waltman, Larry West, Amanda Moore, James Thompson, pp. 32-35.
Link Soil and Environmental Education Antonio Lucio Mello Martins, Maria Conceicao Lopes, Maria Teresa Vilela Nogueira Abdo, Willians Cesar Carrega, Romulo Sensuline Valaretto, Jacob Crosariol Netto, Fernando Henrique Albergante, Leandro Rodrigo Spatti, Celio Luis Justo, Maria Beatriz Bernades Soares, Sidney Rosa Vieira, pp. 36-39.
Link Soil moisture enrichment under the desert shrub in the Gurbantungut Desert, Northwest China Hong-fei Zhou, Ligang Xu, An-ming Bao, Ying Tang, Yan-feng Yang, pp. 40-43.
Link Soil-landscape relationships and soil properties associated with rare plants in the eastern Mojave Desert near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA Janis Boettinger, Glen Busch, Brook Fonnesbeck, John Lawley, Amy Croft, T.C. Edwards, J.A. MacMahon, pp. 44-47.
Link Soil-vegetation relationships in savanna landscapes of the Serra da Canastra Plateau, Minas Gerais, Brazil Vinicius Souza, Antonio Felipe Couto Junior, Eder de Souza Martins, Adriana Reatto, Osmar Abilio Carvalho Junior, pp. 48-51.
Link The 15N signals of different ecosystems in Northeast Brazil Everardo Sampaio, Ana Dolores Freitas, Andresa Ramos, Maria Regina Barbosa, Rosangela Lyra, EL AraujoE pp. 52-54.
Link The Biogeochemistry of Drought Joshua Schimel, Claudia Boot, Patricia Holden, Dad Roux-Michollet, Sophie Parker, Sean Schaeffer, Kathleen Treseder, pp.55-58.
Link The perfect soil Jonathan Phillips, pp. 59-61.
Link The role of ants in forming biomantles Donald Johnson, Diana Johnson, pp. 62-65.
Link Tree nitrogen fixation in a tropical dry vegetation in Northeast Brazil Ana Dolores Freitas, Leonardo Souza, Everardo Sampaio, Patricia Moura, Romulo Menezes, pp. 66-69.
Link Using a national digital soil database to predict roe deer antler quality in Hungary Csaba Centeri, Robert Lehoczki, Sandor Csanyi, Krisztina Sonkoly, pp. 70-73.


Symposium 1.3.1 Pedogenesis: ratio and ranges of influence

Link A holistic and universal view of soil Donald Johnson, Diana Johnson, pp. 1-4.
Link Characteristics and Genesis of Placic Horizon in Subalpine Montane Forest Soils in Northeastern Taiwan Tzu-Yu Huang, Yu-Fang Chang, Chen-Chi Tsai, pp. 5-8.
Link Characterization of Placic Horizons in Central Louisiana, USA David Weindorf, Noura Bakr, Yuanda Zhu, Beatrix Haggard, Stephanie Johnson, Jerry Daigle, pp. 9-12.
Link Direct Determination of Allophane and Imogolite in Andosols Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Syuntaro Hiradate, Hideaki Hirai, Hitoshi Hashimoto, pp. 13-16.
Link Distribution and formation conditions of gibbsite in the upland soils of humid Asia: Japan, Thailand and Indonesia Tetsuhiro Watanabe, Shinya Funakawa, Takashi Kosaki, pp. 17-20.
Link Downward Thinking: Rethinking the �Up� in Soil Bioturbation Alan F. Halfen, Stephen T. Hasiotis, pp. 21-24.
Link Formation of volcanic ash soils in the Matese Mountains of southern Italy Vincenzo Michele Sellitto, Giuseppe Palumbo, Claudio Colombo, Fabio Terribile, Darrell Schulze, pp. 25-28.
Link Forms of energy involved in soil formation Winfried Blum, pp. 29-30.
Link Genesis of ferruginous concretions in a ferric soil and implications for past and present iron mobility S. Lohr, M. Grigorescu, M. Cox, pp. 31-34.
Link Geochemical mass-balance in intensely weathered soils, Darling Range, Western Australia Xin Du, Andrew Rate, Mary Gee, pp. 35-38.
Link Geochemical processes in Latosols on the geomorphic surfaces from Brazilian Central Plateau Adriana Reatto, Ary Bruand, Luiz Roberto Guimaraes Guilherme, Eder de Souza Martins, Euzebio Medrado, Michel Brossard, Fabrice Muller, pp. 39-42.
Link Geochemical translocation of trace metals in iron-manganese cutan and matrix of subtropical soils in China Li Huang, Fan Liu, Wenfeng Tan, Ming Kuang Wang, pp. 43-46.
Link Holocene volcanic soils in the Mt. Gambier region, South Australia Hiroshi Takesako, David Lowe, Jock Churchman, David Chittleborough, pp. 47-50.
Link Micromorphological identification of selected lithogenic features in soils developed from Lower Triassic deposits in the Holy Cross Mountains (S Poland) Sylwia Brzychcy, Zbigniew ZagOrski, pp. 51-54.
Link Pedogenesis in a fluvial terrace chronosequence in the Pacific Northwest, USA Katherine Lindeburg, Peter Almond, Joshua Roering, Oliver Chadwick, pp. 55-58.
Link Pedogenesis of Gypsum Soils from Gypseous Materials Wayne Hudnall, Joshua Boxell, pp. 59-62.
Link Pedogenic chromium and nickel fractionation in subtropical serpentine soils Zeng-Yei Hseu, Shih-Hao Jien, Yoshiyuki Iizuka, Heng Tsai, pp. 63-66.
Link Quantification of lessivage and impact of extreme climatic events on this process: an experimental approach Laurence QuEnard, Anatja SamouElian, Isabelle Cousin, Sophie Cornu, pp. 67-69.
Link Ratios and ranges of soil-forming factors influence on pedogenesis Alexander Gennadiyev, James Bockheim, John Kimble, pp. 70-73.
Link Regional Distribution of the Loess-like Red Clay in Subtropical China and Its Paleoclimatic Implications Xue-Feng Hu, Xu Cao, Ji Wei, Liang-Feng Xu, pp. 74-77.
Link Role of microbial processes in the functioning (Fe mobilisation and redistribution) of a representative tropical soil sequence Jacques R. Berthelin, Emmanuel Fritsch, Sebastien Stemmler, N. R. do Nacimiento, pp. 78-80.
Link Soil development indices in a soil chronosequence formed on Lower Pleistocene terraces in the north-western Duero basin (Leon, Spain) Manuel Vidal, Eduardo Villa, Sara Alcalde, Eduardo Alonso, Juan Angel Robles, pp. 81-83.
Link Soil distribution relationships as revealed by a global soil database Jonathan Gray, Geoff Humphreys, Jozef Deckers, pp. 84-87.
Link Soil genesis along a paddy soil chronosequence in a millennium scale Gan-Lin Zhang, Liu-Mei Chen, pp. 88-91.
Link Stable Fe isotopes - a prospective tool for investigating soil processes Zuzana Fekiacova, Sylvain Pichat, Fabienne Trolard, pp. 92-95.
Link Systematization of the topsoil fabrics in soils of the arid lands in northwest of central Asia Lebedeva Marina, Gerasimova Maria, Golovanov Dmitry, pp. 96-99.
Link The Story of O: The Dominance of Organisms as a Soil-Forming Factor From an Integrated Geologic Perspective and Modern Field and Experimental Studies Stephen T Hasiotis, Alan F Halfen, pp. 100-103.


Symposium 1.3.2 Geochronolgical techniques and soil formation

Link Cosmogenic, anthropogenic, and airborne radionuclides for tracing the mobile soil particles in a tile-drained heavy clay soil Sadao Eguchi, Noriko Yamaguchi, Hideshi Fujiwara, Taijiro Fukuyama, Yasushi Mori, Katsutoshi Seki, Katsuhiko Suzuki, Kazuhide Adachi, pp. 1-3.
Link Development of soil properties in a riverine floodplain with time � results from a chronosequence study in the national park Donau-Auen in Austria Martin Gerzabek, Georg Lair, Markus Fiebig, Franz Zehetner, pp. 4-7.
Link Investigating processes of pedogenesis in the Werrikimbe National Park, NSW, Australia Uta Stockmann, Budiman Minasny, Alex McBratney, David Fink, Tim Pietsch, pp. 8-11.
Link Pedo-geomorphic response to Late Glacial/Holocene climate fluctuations and human impact: a case study of combined micromorphology and luminescence dating Peter Kuehn, Alexandra Hilgers, pp. 12-15.
Link Problems of degradation of Soils of dry Subtropics of Southern Caucasus Magerram Babayev, Akif Gerayzade, pp. 16-18.
Link Reconstruction of past environments based on pedological, micromorphological and phytolith analyses Akos Peto, Tamas Bucsi, Csaba Centeri, Attila Barczi, pp. 19-22.
Link Reconstruction of the Ecological Condition of Bronze Age Civilization to the Border of Europe and Asia, Russia Valentina Prikhodko, Igor Ivanov, Ol�ga Khokhlova, Dmitry Manakhov, pp. 23-26.
Link Relationship between 14C age and structural property of humic acids Akira Watanabe, Sho-Ichiro Ochi, Chizuru Kato, Kosuke Ikeya, Toshio Nakamura, pp. 27-29.
Link Soilscape of the west-central Taiwan-the footprints on soil pedogenesis and geomorphic environment Heng Tsai, Zeng-Yei Hseu, Hong-Yu Kuo, Zueng-Sang Chen, pp. 30-33.
Link Unravelling upbuilding pedogenesis in tephra and loess sequences in New Zealand using tephrochronology David Lowe, Philip Tonkin, pp. 34-37.
Link U-series nuclides in weathering profiles: rates of soil processes Francois Chabaux, pp. 38-41.


Symposium 1.4.1 Classification and information demand

Link Classifying soils at the ultimate stage of weathering: A continuing challenge for sustainable agromanagement practices in the 21st Century Eswaran Padmanabhan, Hari Eswaran, Ahmet Mermut, pp. 1-4.
Link Common ground between soil scientists and geotechnical engineers Henry Parsons, pp. 5-8 .
Link Land suitability survey and different planting dates for farming burley 21 tobacco in Marivan Adib Rezaei, Manoochehr Farboodi, Mohammad Hosein Masihabadic, pp. 9-11.
Link Need for interpreted soil information for policy making Luca Montanarella, pp. 12-15.
Link Numerical soil classification: a missed, but not a lost, opportunity Alex McBratney, Budiman Minasny, Raphael Viscarra Rossel, p. 16 .
Link Sampling intensity required to adequately describe soil variations at three Danish ecosystems: Heather, Oak and Spruce Soren Munch Kristiansen, Maria Knadel, Jennifer Rowland, Per Nornberg, pp. 17-20.
Link Selection and use of soil characteristics in digital soil mapping in Tanzania Method Kilasara, pp. 21-22.
Link Classifying sodic soils: A comparison of the World Reference Base for Soil Resources and Australian Soil Classification systems David Rees, Stuart Boucher, Mark Imhof, Jonathan Holland, Nathan Robinson, pp. 23-26.
Link Soil moisture regime classification of Soil Taxonomy through physically based soil water balance modelling. Antonello Bonfante, Angelo Basile, Piero Manna, Fabio Terribile, pp. 27-30.
Link Soil Moisture-Temperature Correlation and Classification Model Christopher Cochran, pp. 31-34.
Link Soil properties of Hwaong reclaimed polder soil and it's management Jang-Hee Lee, Ji-Ho Jeong, Jong-Gook Kang, Kyeong-Do, Lee Seon-Woong Hwang, pp. 35-36.
Link Soil resource assessment of Kumaon Himalayan Mountains of India Sankar Mahapatra, J.P. Sharma, D. Martin, R.D. Sharma, pp. 37-39.
Link The next steps in soil classification OR How to kill 3 birds with 1 stone: pedons, landscapes, functions Peter Schad, Erika Micheli, pp. 40-42.
Link The results of soil survey of rapidly chnaged city of soil information data in South Korea Byung Keun HYUN, Yeon Kyu Sonn, Kwan Cheol Song, Sug Young Hong, Yong Seon Zhang, C.W. Park, L.Y. Kim, E.Y. Choi, D.C. Noh, S.J. Jung, pp. 43-45.
Link The use of pedometric measurements to enhance and improve the presentation of soil information from soil maps Brian Murphy, pp. 46-47.
Link Time for a Universal Soil Classification System Micheal Golden, Erika Micheli, Craig Ditzler, Hari Eswaran, Phillip Owens, Ganlin Zhang, Alex McBratney, Jon Hempel, Luca Montanarella, Peter Schad, pp.48-51.


Symposium 1.4.2 Soil classification benefits and constraints to pedology

Link Concentrations of trace elements in soils: The three keys Denis Baize, pp. 1-4.
Link How soil forming processes determine viticultural zoning in Catalonia, Spain Josep Miquel Ubalde, Rosa Maria Poch, pp. 5-8.
Link New A Horizon Protocols for Topsoil Characterization in Canada Catherine Fox, Charles Tarnocai, Gabriele Broll, pp. 9-12.
Link Physical, Chemical, and Morphological characteristics of forest Soils in the Keroudkenar Region of Northern Iran Tofigh Ahmadi, Vida Saravi, pp. 13-14.
Link Problematic WRB classification of the so called �erubaz� soil, a volcanic soil type of Central Europe, Hungary Balazs Madarasz, pp. 15-18.
Link Soil classifications: their origin, the state-of-the-art and perspectives Pavel Krasilnikov, Richard W. Arnold, Juan-Jose Ibanez, pp. 19-22.
Link Properties of soils in the rehabilitated degraded tropical lowland and hill dipterocarp forests in Peninsular Malaysia Arifin Abdu, Md. Zaidey Abd. Kadir, Zahari Ibrahim, Mohd Zaki Hamzah, Hazandy Abdul Hamid, Affendy Hassan, Mohd Effendi Wasli, Khairul Hafiz Yusof, Shamshuddin Jusop, Nik Muhamad Majid, pp. 23-26.
Link Updating the soil map of Reunion island: methodology and problems to be overcome Frederic Feder, Gerard Bourgeon, pp. 27-29.


Symposium 1.5.1 Quantitative monitoring of soil change

Link A baseline for soil carbon monitoring in Amazonia Carlos Quesada, Jonathan Lloyd, Oliver Phillips, Flavio Luizao, Michael Schwarz, pp. 1-4.
Link A framework for European soil monitoring Mark Kibblewhite, D Arrouays, X Morvan, R Baritz, E Eberhardt, S Huber, G Prokop, RJA. Jones, FJA.Verheijen, E Micheli, T Szegi, L Montaranella, M Stephens, pp. 5-8.
Link A soil spatial prediction functions (SSPFs) for soil organic carbon in Eastern Australia Ichsani Wheeler, Alex McBratney, Budiman Minasny, pp. 9-11.
Link Accuracy of soil organic carbon inventories in Mediterranean mountain areas Iolanda Simo, Carmen Herrero, Jaume Boixadera, Rosa Maria Poch, pp. 12-15.
Link Assessment of soil carbon stores at the farm scale in Tasmania, Australia William Cotching, pp. 16-19.
Link Assessment of the Spatial Relationship between Soil Properties and Topography over a Landscape Mara Weill, Sidney Vieira, Gerd Sparovek, pp. 20-23.
Link Changes of soil chemical properties and heavy metal contents on periodical monitoring arable lands in ChungBuk, Korea YoungSang Kim, pp. 24-27.
Link Comparison of soil quality targets and background concentrations in soil of the Waikato Region, New Zealand Matthew Taylor, Nick Kim, Reece Hill, Bryan Stevenson, pp. 28-31.
Link Design-based and model-based sampling strategies for soil monitoring Dick Brus, pp. 32-34.
Link Designing a soil pH monitoring network for the Western Australian wheatbelt Karen W. Holmes, Patricia H. Bellamy, Jim Dixon, pp. 35-38.
Link Determination of Soil Erosion Using Laser Scanners Ashraf Afana, Albert Sole-Benet, Jose Luis Perez, pp. 39-42.
Link Developing methods to detect change in the soil resource of a country with a Northern, Temperate Boreal Climate (Scotland) Allan Lilly, Gordon Hudson, Rupert L Hough, the NSIS Re-sampling Programme Team, pp. 43-46.
Link Erosion processes on intensively farmed land in the Czech Republic: comparison of alternative research methods Borivoj Sarapatka, Patrik Netopil, pp.47-50.
Link Evaluating the effects of land management systems on soil characteristics: some confounding problems in experimental design John Field, pp. 51-53.
Link Influence of land use change and water management on soil properties and water quality from combined geomodelling and geochemical modelling Anthony Jan , Raymond Bile, Marc Conruyt, Thomas Menard, Catherine Keller, Guilhem Bourrie, Fabienne Trolard, pp. 54-57.
Link Mapping and monitoring issues of a forest soil network in Southern Belgium Gilles Colinet, Frantz Weissen, Hugues Lecomte, Laurent Bock, pp. 58-61.
Link Measuring soil organic carbon stocks - issues and considerations Eleanor Hobley, Garry Willgoose, pp.62-65.
Link Carbon sequestration in kiwifruit soils of New Zealand M Hasinur Rahman, Allister W Holmes, Alan G M Curran, Steven J Saunders, pp. 66-69.
Link Potential carbon sequestration of Lombardy soils (Italy) Stefano Brenna, Vladimir Stolbovoy, Alberto Rocca, Marco Sciaccaluga, pp. 70-73.
Link Potential effects of different land uses on phosphorous loss over the slope in Hungary Csaba Centeri, Karoly Penksza, Akos Malatinszky, Akos Peto, Marton Vona, pp. 74-77.
Link Root zone soil moisture content in a Vertosol is accurately and conveniently measured by electromagnetic induction measurements with an EM38 Brett Robinson, Mark Silburn, Jenny Foley, Denis Orange, pp. 78-81.
Link Soil carbon variability of a grassy woodland ecosystem in south-eastern Australia: Implications for sampling Andrew Rawson, Ian Grange, pp. 82-85.
Link Soil compaction survey in Estonia Endla Reintam, Priit Penu, Tiina Koster, Katrin Trukmann, Kadri Krebstein, Jaan Kuht, pp. 86-89.
Link Soil survey and inventory of dynamic soil properties in the U.S.A. Larry West, Arlene Tugel, Skye Wills, Cynthia Stiles, Karl Hipple, pp. 90-93.
Link Soils in space and evaluation of their changes in time: experience in studying the soils in two regions of Russia Nikolay Khitrov, pp. 94-97.
Link Spectral effects of biochar on NIR and mid-IR spectra of soil/char mixtures. James Reeves, III, Newton Falcao, Nicholas Comerford, pp. 98-101.
Link Sustaining Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Pools for Future Cereal Production Jagdish Ladha, Chris van Kessel, pp. 102-103.
Link Temporal Changes in Topsoil Qualities of Dairy Pasture and Maize Cropping Sites in the Bay of Plenty Region, New Zealand Danilo Guinto, pp. 104-107.
Link The function of soil biodiversity as indicators of soil quality: Insights from the UK Defra SQID project Helaina Black, P.M. Chamberlain, R. Creamer, Colin Campbell, Jim A. Harris, M.Pawlett, Karl Ritz, C.M. Wood, pp. 108-110.
Link Systems integration: enhancing soil information delivery to Victoria Pat Johnstone, Nathan Robinson, Mark Imhof, David Rees, David Hunter, pp. 111-114.
Link Time to establish a 137Cs-derived net soil redistribution baseline for Australia? Adrian Chappell, Robert Loughran, Raphael Viscarra Rossel, Gary Hancock, pp. 115-118.
Link Some statistical aspects of monitoring of soil change in Slovakia Jozef Kobza, pp. 119-122.


Symposium 1.5.2 Modelling critical processes in changing soil

Link Applicability of hydrus to Predict Soil Moisture and Temperature in Vadose Zone of Arable Land under Monsoonal Climate Region, Tokyo Chihiro Kato, Taku Nishimura, Hiromi Imoto, Tsuyoshi Miyazaki, pp. 1-4
Link Comparison of regression pedotransfer functions and artificial neural networks for soil aggregate stability simulation Adele Alijanpour Shalmani, Mahmoud Shabanpour Shahrestani, Hossein Asadi, Farid Bagheri, pp. 5-7.
Link Comparison of the results of modelling soil loss with WEPP and USLE in the Koppany Valley, Hungary Geza Gelencser, Csaba Centeri, Gergely Jakab, Marton Vona, pp. 8-11.
Link DEM and terrain analysis to predict spatial pattern of SOC Beng Umali, David Chittleborough, Rai Kookana, Bertram Ostendorf, pp. 12-15.
Link Digital soil-landscape mapping by image clustering Daniel Brough, Robin Thwaites, pp. 16-19.
Link Landscape-scale sampling of forest-derived carbon in cultivated systems of East Africa Leigh Winowiecki, Markus Walsh, pp. 20-23.
Link Modelling N mineralization from green manure and farmyard manure from a laboratory incubation study Monoranjan Mohanty, M.E. Probert, K. Sammi Reddy, Ram C. Dalal, A. Subba Rao, Neal W. Menzies, pp. 24-27.
Link Modelling N mineralization from high C:N rice and wheat crop residues Monoranjan Mohanty, M.E. Probert, K. Sammi Reddy, R.C. Dalal, A. Subba Rao, Neal W. Menzies, pp. 28-31.
Link Multimodeling � an emerging approach to improving process-based modeling of soil systems Yakov Pachepsky, Andrey Guber, Martinus Van Genuchten, pp. 32.-35.
Link Realistic quantification of input, parameter and structural errors of soil process models Gerard Heuvelink, pp. 36-39.
Link Saturation-dependent anisotropy of unsaturated soils Jianting Zhu, Dongmin Sun, pp. 40-43.


Symposium 1.6.1 Impact of aeolian sediments on pedogenesis

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